Hello, hello, hello.

— Taimi

Taimi (born in 1314 AE)[1] is an asura studying at the College of Synergetics. An apprentice of the renowned golemancer Zojja,[2] Taimi requires the assistance of a golem named Scruffy to get around, owing to a degenerative disease that prevents her from walking long distances and may spread to other parts of her body as she gets older. Although there is no known cure, this progeny is quick to refuse any offer of pity.


Taimi was first seen at the Marionette's Landing in Lornar's Pass, claiming to be on an important field experiment for her college. After the defeat of the Twisted Marionette, Logan Thackeray took her to Lion's Arch, where she claimed Braham was her guardian (although the norn denies ever meeting her) and she has made several attempts to get him to take her back to Rata Sum. She showed an intense interest in Scarlet Briar, and expressed a desire to meet with her, and when she broke Mai Trin out of Fort Marriner, Taimi (and thus, Braham) pursued her into the Edge of the Mists, where Scruffy was damaged. Since the attack on Lion's Arch, Taimi has been hanging around Vigil Keep, hoping to find an eyewitness account of Scarlet in Lion's Arch.

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"I like what I'm seeing. The Zephyrites' approach to magic is unique, as in their attitude. not so fond of what I'm Hearing, though: I predict the "alas, alas" song is going to get on my nerves."
Talk more option tango.png
You get used to it. How are you getting along with Jory and Kas?
"Kasmeer is nice-like the big sister I never had. She never gets mad. Marjory does, though, so she's a bit of a bully...like the big sister I never had. Getting around her is a rewarding challenge.
Talk end option tango.png
Just remember they're both on your side.
Talk more option tango.png
So what's next for you and Scruffy?
"Not sitting on the sidelines in some smelly old Vigil camp, that's for sure. The next time this little band of ours goes on an adventure, Scruffy and I are going to be there."
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I pity anyone who tries to stop you.
Talk more option tango.png
How are you feeling?
"Thank you for asking. My legs are good today discomfortwise
, but I can't get complacent: my mobility is capricious, changing from one hour to the next. Luckily, Scruffy is always standing by."
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Glad to hear it.
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Got candy?
I'm behaving.
Hm. What?
Hello, hello, hello.
Oh, hi.
It wasn't me.
Look at me. I'm taller than you. (When inside Scruffy)
Greetings, organic creature. Just kidding, it's me in here. (When inside Scruffy)
I'm bored. Let's do something. (When inside Scruffy)
Built this thing myself. Check it out—classic vintage parts. (When inside Scruffy)
Ever combine limbic crystals and arcane reducers? I have! (When inside Scruffy)
Combat chatter
Woooo! Let's rumble. (When inside Scruffy)