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WvW Reward Tracks are World versus World goals that can be activated in the World vs. World panel.

Reward track progress

Each WvW Reward Track has 8 tiers, with each tier containing 4 minor and 1 major reward. Each reward track contains 40 rewards in total: 32 minor and 8 major, where the last reward is generally the most valuable. To complete a reward track 20,000 points are needed, and a reward is received every 500 points. The progress in reward track is awarded at the end of each 5- minute scoring tick based on the player's current participation tier (see the table below), and whether the player is in a core WvW map.

Points per tick Participation tier
0 1 2 3 4 5 6
Core WvW maps +0 +25 +60 +95 +125 +160 +195
Edge of the Mists +0 +19 +46 +76 +90 +120 +146

The minimum time for completing a reward track (without boosters) is 8h 35m (103 ticks), where 195 points are earned per tick. The overall minimal time to complete a reward track is 3h 50m (46 ticks), where all available boosters increases the points per tick from 195 to 438.

Progress is also awarded on consuming Potion of WvW Rewards, or receiving Instant Reward Track Progress. Potion of WvW Rewards are obtained from 日常 achievement reward chests that have a WvW objective and grant 250 points. For the completion of a reward track 80 Potion of WvW Rewards are needed. Instant Reward Track Progress is obtained on opening a chest from the Skirmish reward track, granting 25 points each. Both potions grant points to the currently selected reward track, and are not affected by boosts.

Players can only make progress on a single reward track at a time, with one exception[1]. Switching between tracks will save any progress made, and players can return to where they left off. There is no known way to reset a reward track without finishing it. Upon completion of a reward track, the next reward track with the most progress (or a random one if all have equal progress) is automatically activated, unless the autorepeat icon (shaped like an infinity sign) has been checked, in which case it will restart the current track.

  1. If finishing a track would bring its progress to above 20,000 points, any "extra" points are granted an incomplete reward track at random, meaning that they are not lost.

Reward track modifiers

There are several ways to increase the amount of reward track progress earned. These modifiers do not affect Potion of WvW Rewards and Instant Reward Track Progress.

Effect Source Duration Bonus Notes
Consumables and Enrichment
Miscellaneous effect.pngGuild Enhancement: World Reward Tracks Nathan the Bartender Indefinite 3-10% Bonus depends on level of guild research.
Experience Bonus (fifty percent).png经验增幅剂 (effect) Experience Booster and Heroic Booster 30m or 2h 50% Stacks duration up to 48hrs. Can be used alongside the Guild Enhancement.
Black Lion Booster.png黑狮增幅 Black Lion Booster 30m 25% Stacks duration. Can be used alongside other buffs.
Fencer's Finesse.png节日大胃王增幅剂 Snowflake Gobbler and Zhaitaffy Gobbler 15m 25% Stacks duration up to 24hrs. Can be used alongside other buffs.
Net Shot.png欢庆加成 Celebration Booster and Birthday Booster 1h or 24h 10% Stacks duration. Can be used alongside other buffs.
1972327.png 世界之战奖励富集 WvW Reward Track Enrichment 5%
Total +125% This total does not include time-specific bonuses
Time-specific bonuses
Automatic Event 25% World vs. World Weeklong Bonus during special events.
Miscellaneous effect.pngExtra 生命 Bonus (2018) Automatic 3% 7 stacks applied account-wide after the conclusion of the 2018 Extra Life event.
Miscellaneous effect.pngExtra Life Bonus (2019) Automatic 3% 10 stacks applied account-wide after the conclusion of the 2019 Extra Life event.
Ace Racer.pngEvent Bonus (effect) Automatic Event 30% Given to all characters during the Welcome Back event.

Therefore, the maximum progress per tick is +439 for the core WvW maps and +329 for Edge of the Mists.

Increasing Participation

Your participation level determines the number of reward track points you will earn each tick. Participation is earned by participating in a variety of WvW activities, such as capturing and defending objectives, completing events, and killing enemy players.
—— Participation

Participation can be increased in two ways:

  1. By actively participating in events (including repairing walls during a defense event), securing objectives, and killing enemies. The amount of participation depends on the task and current participation tier, as shown in the table below.
  2. By joining a squad and being marked to receive shared participation, a player can receive participation from their entire squad. One player can be marked to receive shared credit for every five players in the squad. This feature allows players to focus on scouting and defending while still making progress.

Every 100% participation will increase the player's participation tier. Participation beyond 100% will roll over to the next level with the remainder scaled down according to the next level. For example, joining WvW at participation tier 0 and defeating two invaders will award 150% participation, promoting the player to participation tier 1 with 16.67% participation towards tier 2. While under the effect of Outnumbered, participation gains are increased by 50%.

Participation has a variable inactivity timer, which obeys the following rules:

  • The exact time remaining is visible on the participation bar, which also changes color as follows:
    • When more than 90 seconds remain on the inactivity timer, the participation bar is green.
    • When 90 seconds or less remain on the inactivity timer, the participation bar will turn orange.
    • When 60 seconds or less remain, it will turn red.
  • Once the timer reaches 0, participation will rapidly decay to 0%, and then through any remaining tiers.
    • At this point, the timer will show how much time remains until participation decays to tier 0 at 0%. The timer will always start at 15 minutes, regardless of participation.
  • The decay can be stopped by gaining participation, as shown in the below table. The timer can be reset in the same way.
    • When participation is gained, if its participation period is more than the time left on the inactivity timer, then the timer is reset to that participation period. There is otherwise no effect. For instance, if a player captures a ruin and then captures a tower, their inactivity timer will be reset to 10 minutes, even though it started at 2 minutes. Similarly, if a player captures a tower, and then captures a ruin 2 minutes later, their inactivity timer will not be reset, and it will continue to tick downwards from 8 minutes.
  • The timer will be paused while outside of any WvW map.[1]

Participation is kept when traveling between the core WvW maps or when switching characters, but reward track progress is not awarded at each scoring tick unless you are present in the core WvW maps at the moment the tick rewards are processed.

Edge of the Mists has a participation meter that works the same way but is independent of core WvW participation.

Action Participation level Participation period
0 1 2 3 4 5 6
Capture Stonemist castle - - - - - - - 10 min
Capture keep - - - - - - - 10 min
Capture tower - 125% 75% 53.75% 41.25% 34.375% - 10 min
Defeat invader 75% 25% 15% 11.25% 8.75% 7.5% 5.3125% 10 min
Defend objective 93.75% 41.25% 25% 17.5% 13.75% 11.25% 8.75% 10 min
Capture camp - 125% 75% 53.75% 41.25% 34.375% - 10 min
Defeat Champion Tower Lord 25% 7.5% 5% - - 2.5% 1.25% 5 min
Siege (destroy structure) - 41.25% 27.5% - 15% 12.5% 8.75% 5 min
Repair (per 20 supply) 125% 42.5% 25% 17.5% 15% 10.625% 8.75% 5 min
Destroy siege - - - 7.5% 6.25% - - 5 min
Escort caravan 75% 25% 15% 11.25% 8.75% 7.5% 5.3125% 5 min
Capture sentry 93.75% 41.25% 25% 17.5% 13.75% 11.25% 8.75% 5 min
Defeat Champion Keep Lord - - - - - - - 5 min
Defeat Legendary Castle Lord - - - - - - - 5 min
Defeat Veteran Creature 75% 25% - - - - - 5 min
Assist mercenaries - - - - - - - 5 min
Defeat hostile mercenaries - - - - - - - 5 min
Capture Shrine - - - - - - - 5 min
Defeat Veteran Supervisor 25% 7.5% 5% - - 2.5% 1.25% 5 min
Siege (damage structure) 7.5% 2.5% - - 1.25% 0.625% 0.25% 2 min
Stop caravan 75% 25% 15% 11.25% 8.75% 7.5% 5.3125% 2 min
Siege (damage player) 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 2 min
Capture Ruin - - - - - - - 2 min
Defeat sentry, scout, or archer 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 2 min
Defeat Veteran Guard 25% 7.5% 5% - - 2.5% 1.25% 2 min
Defeat 军需官 12.5% 3.75% - - - 1.25% 0.625% 2 min
Revive mercenaries 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 1 min
Defeat Champion Overgrown Grub 75% - - - - - -
Defeat Champion Arboreal Spirit 75% - - - - - -

Note that capturing the special objectives in Edge of the Mists does not increase participation. It is worth highlighting that some actions - such as defeating Veteran Scouts and Archers - do not award participation progress but still reset the inactivity timer.

Reward track types

Exclusive tracks

The skins or items rewarded by these tracks cannot be obtained anywhere else in the game.

Track Final reward 可重复
凯旋护甲奖励分支 1423782.png 凯旋护甲盒
战斗礼赠奖励分支 455858.png 战斗礼赠
英雄武器奖励分支 1451155.png 英雄武器盒
遗赠护甲奖励分支 1459266.png 遗赠护甲盒
战爪奖励分支 771003.png 战爪护甲盒
公会骑手战爪皮肤奖励分支 2261402.png 公会骑手战爪皮肤

Region tracks

These offer rewards related to specific regions of Tyria. For example, the Krytan reward track contains loot normally found in Kryta.

Track Final reward 需要 completion of 可重复
地区奖励分支:科瑞塔 Ceremonial weapons
地区奖励分支:席瓦雪山 Etched weapons Krytan 奖励分支
地区奖励分支:阿斯卡隆 军团士兵 weapons 地区奖励分支:席瓦雪山
地区奖励分支:迈古玛丛林 Tribal weapons 阿斯卡隆人 奖励分支
地区奖励分支:欧尔遗迹 Orrian weapons 地区奖励分支:迈古玛丛林
地区奖励分支:迈古玛荒野 831461.png 原始沙刻财物箱
白银荒地奖励分支 771003.png 甲壳护甲盒

决战迈古玛 tracks

These tracks require 决战迈古玛 to activate.

Track Final reward 需要 completion of 可重复
苍翠边界奖励分支 Bladed gloves
赤金盆地奖励分支 Auric weapons 苍翠边界奖励分支
缠藤深渊奖励分支 Chak weapons 赤金盆地奖励分支
迈古玛腹地奖励分支 780397.png 墨德摩斯财物箱 缠藤深渊奖励分支

世界动态第3季 tracks

These tracks require 决战迈古玛 and the corresponding 世界动态第3季 episode to activate.

Track Final reward Episode 需要 completion of 可重复
血石沼泽奖励分支 1465541.png 血石财物箱 阴影之外 魔法收割者 story step
余烬海湾奖励分支 1465541.png 余烬海湾财物箱 升腾烈焰 燃烧的机器 story step
酷寒前线奖励分支 1465541.png 酷寒前线储物箱 寒冰上的裂隙 前往酷寒前线 story step
多里克湖奖励分支 1465541.png 多里克湖宝箱 罪恶首领 与大臣会面 story step
巨龙之山奖励分支 1465541.png 巨龙之山财物箱 闪点 站稳脚跟 story step
海妖平台奖励分支 1465541.png 海妖平台财物箱 穷途末路 光刃秘密 story step

烈焰征途 tracks

These tracks require 烈焰征途 to activate.

Track Final reward 需要 completion of 可重复
水晶沙漠奖励分支 (unrepeatable) 沙漠护甲盒
水晶沙漠奖励分支 (repeatable) 沙漠护甲盒 水晶沙漠奖励分支 (unrepeatable)

世界动态第4季 tracks

These tracks require 烈焰征途 and the corresponding 世界动态第4季 episode to activate.

Track Final reward Episode 需要 completion of 可重复
伊斯坦领域奖励分支 1465541.png 伊斯坦财物箱 破晓 第一座城市 story step
沙掠群岛奖励分支 1465541.png 沙掠群岛储物箱 系统错误 善有善报 story step
克南领域奖励分支 1465541.png 克南财物箱 巫妖万岁 谋定而动 story step
亚哈悬崖奖励分支 1465541.png 亚哈悬崖财物箱 指路之星 破碎国度 story step
雷云高峰奖励分支 1465541.png 雷云高峰储物箱 孤注一掷 后裔与勇士 story step
坠龙之地奖励分支 1465541.png 坠龙之地财物箱 永恒战争 终结时刻 story step

世界动态 Season 5 tracks

These tracks require 烈焰征途 and the corresponding 世界动态 Season 5 episode to activate.

Track Final reward Episode 需要 completion of 可重复
冰巢传说奖励分支 2199286.png 大型冰巢传说储物箱 世界动态 Season 5: 冰巢传说 any 世界动态 冰巢传说 episode reward track
戈瑟玛山谷奖励分支 2199283.png "/摇滚"动作宝典 序章:血脉相连 回家 story step
波卓拉边境奖励分支 2220570.png 卓拉武器财物箱 黑暗低语 静音 story step
雨森海岸奖励分支 2292730.png 熊灵镀金圣匣 越战越勇 携手并肩 story step
颤抖动作宝典奖励分支 2247449.png "/颤抖"动作宝典 首领环伺 Purchase 颤动寒冰 from a recruited vendor

巨龙绝境 tracks

These tracks require 巨龙绝境 to activate.

Track Final reward 需要 completion of 可重复
巨龙绝境奖励分支 (unrepeatable) 2594321.png 凯珊护甲盒
巨龙绝境奖励分支 (repeatable) 2594321.png 凯珊护甲盒 巨龙绝境奖励分支 (unrepeatable)

地下城 tracks

地下城 tracks are available on a two-week rotating cycle. 玩家人数 can 已完成 the story mode of the associated dungeon—or in the case of Arah, completion of 生死决战 or explorable mode—to unlock its reward track permanently.

Every two tiers of a reward track, players may choose a weapon and will be given 60 dungeon tokens. Completing a reward track gives a total of 240 dungeon tokens. At the end of a reward track a player may choose a single piece of armor associated with the dungeon. For information about specific attribute values granted by different types of 装备, see Equipment acquisition by stats#地下城.

Track Weapon sets Armor sets 可重复
Light Medium Heavy
阿斯卡隆墓穴 Royal 阿斯卡隆人 weapons 阿斯卡隆人 Performer armor 阿斯卡隆人 Sentry armor 阿斯卡隆人 保卫者 armor
考迪克斯庄园 Golden Wing weapons Council Ministry armor Council Watch armor Council Guard armor
暮光之根 噩梦禁锢 weapons 噩梦之庭 armor 噩梦之庭 armor 噩梦之庭 armor
悲伤之拥 Dark Asuran weapons Forgeman armor Forgeman armor Forgeman armor
烈焰壁垒 Molten weapons 烈焰军团 armor 烈焰军团 armor 烈焰军团 armor
海浪之誉 Kodan weapons Armor of Koda Armor of Koda Armor of Koda
永恒熔炉 审讯团 weapons 审讯团 armor 审讯团 armor 审讯团 armor
亚拉城废墟 武器 of the 巨龙 Deep Armor 巫妖 Accursed armor 死亡束缚 armor

Temporary tracks

These tracks are only available for a limited period of time during the related festival, and as such can be repeated indefinitely during that period. The 春节 festival is the only one without a related reward track.

Track Final reward 可用 可重复
超级冒险奖励分支 1418350.png 超级武器盒 超级冒险盒 2017 onwards
斗龙节奖励分支 591468.png 龙匣 (5) 斗龙节 2019 onwards
四风节日奖励分支 2179571.png 风裔古董盒 四风节日 2018 onwards
万圣节奖励分支 648140.png 万圣节糖果桶 万圣节 2014 onwards
冬幕节奖励分支 780154.png 终极冬幕节礼物 冬幕节 2014 onwards

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