Provisioner Tokens are a currency earned by trading in certain types of crafted rare level 80 Krait weapons and armor, specifically Masquerade, Noble, and Gladiator, to Faction Provisioners in various zones in the Heart of Maguuma, or by trading certain superior runes, sigils, and crafting materials to Provisioners in major cities. They are stored in the Account Wallet and can be spent at the Faction Provisioners to buy Bloodbound weapons as well as bags of armor or materials and items needed to make legendary armor, runes, and sigils.


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Central Tyria
Heart of Maguuma

Currency for

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Crafting Rewards

Item Type Rarity Cost
1302727.png 锻造师补给包 - Z-
1302734.png 特异装备包 - Z-
455858.png 工艺礼赠 - Z-

Bloodbound Weapons

Item Type Rarity Cost
340747.png 血界利斧 - Z-
340672.png 血界匕首 - Z-
340680.png 血界聚能器 - Z-
780577.png 血界巨剑 - Z-
65162.png 血界巨锤 - Z-
780590.png 血界长矛 - Z-
340703.png 血界长弓 - Z-
433515.png 血界钉锤 - Z-
66386.png 血界手枪 - Z-
526365.png 血界步枪 - Z-
780567.png 血界节杖 - Z-
433978.png 血界盾牌 - Z-
434660.png 血界短弓 - Z-
67333.png 血界鱼叉枪 - Z-
780580.png 血界法杖 - Z-
434096.png 血界利剑 - Z-
780317.png 血界三叉戟 - Z-
780575.png 血界火炬 - Z-
780571.png 血界战号 - Z-
1302722.png 血界调节器 - Z-



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