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While all seems quiet in the wake of 克拉卡托's defeat, 私聊 of trouble are stirring in the 北席瓦雪山. In this new 世界动态 story, you and your allies will find yourselves at the center of a gathering storm as an ancient and insidious threat slowly reveals itself. Together you'll face Jormag's cult, the 冰巢怪, who have been twisted by the Elder Dragon's corrupting power.

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冰巢传说 is the fifth season of the 世界动态, accessible to players who own 《激战2》标准版CD-KEY. It was announced on August 30, 2019, and started with 序章:血脉相连, on 9月 17, 2019.

This article assumes knowledge of the storyline up to and including 世界动态第4季, which takes place after 烈焰征途.


参见: 更新总览#冰巢传说

The storyline of 冰巢传说 is primarily comprised of the following releases:



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冰巢传说 focuses on the norn and the charr, as they defend their homelands in the 席瓦雪山远境 and the 鲜血军团家园 from the threat of Jormag, the Elder Dragon of Ice and Persuasion.

The saga begins with the four charr High Legions gathering in 戈瑟玛山谷 to celebrate the death of 克拉卡托, while Jormag begins to stir in the far north. Through its promises of power, the Elder Dragon has amassed a sizable army of 冰巢怪.

After the prologue in 戈瑟玛山谷, 里特洛克·硫磺石, Braham, and 雅维·卓拉之女 will lead the venture into the inhospitable 席瓦雪山远境, where players will face eldritch abominations, learn about the history of the 《野性众灵》, and confront 卓玛。


Main characters


Jhavi, Rytlock, and Braham.

The Vigil

  • 守魂者阿尔莫拉将军 — Leader of the Vigil, she goes north towards 卓拉要塞 to personally deliver the news of 克拉卡托's defeat.
  • 雅维·卓拉之女 — 下降ant of the great norn hero Jora, Jhavi has spent her entire life living in the shadow cast by her great-grandmother's legend. As one of the leaders of the Vigil, it's sometimes difficult to differentiate between respect she's earned and respect her lineage demands. Raven might have a few things to say about that.


  • 克里西亚·烁石废墟制造者班戈's shrewd Head of Security. Her 烈焰军团 heritage and innate skill as an elementalist might make some charr cagey, but Crecia's loyalty to her imperator and the legion that raised her is seemingly unshakeable. More ambiguous? Her attitude toward her old warband mate, 里特洛克。 (Don't talk to her about 苏哈辛.)
  • 荣耀埃弗拉姆 — Acting "imperator" of a 烈焰军团 splinter group who wishes to atone for his legion's past crimes and attempts to integrate his people back into the High Legions. However, his desire to protect his people has forced him to make many questionable compromises, and he struggles to find his place in the changing political climate.
  • 马里斯·剑影 — Imperator of the 灰烬军团 who has many agents spying for her to keep her up to date on the events around Tyria. The driving force behind the Ebonhawke Treaty, she worries that 克拉卡托's death and Aurene's ascension may change the status quo in Tyria in an unexpected way.
  • 无畏者斯莫德 — Imperator of the 钢铁军团 and long-time rival of Bangar vying for the title of Khan-Ur. A cunning politician and progressive visionary, he is willing to be patient and wait for the right time to promote his legion's interests in order to ensure a prosperous future for himself and his allies.


  • Bear — A Great Spirit of confidence and ferocity and the natural embodiment of all bears. She is revered by the norn as the most powerful Spirit of the Wild, and she grants the norn the strength to face all odds.
  • 豹灵 — A Great Spirit of cunning and speed and the natural embodiment of all snow leopards. Independent, strategic and stealthy, she laughs in the face of danger and has a darker, feral side which she and her followers channel while on the hunt.
  • Raven — A Great Spirit of knowledge and foresight and the natural embodiment of all ravens who has ties to the 地下世界. He is fond of riddles and likes to test the wits of his followers and anyone else who wishes to uncover his secrets.
  • Wolf — A Great Spirit of brotherhood and loyalty and the natural embodiment of all wolves. He reminds people to work together as a pack to overcome great challenges.


Bangar addresses the charr legions.

冰巢怪 and 斯瓦尼亚之子

  • 德拉克勇士 of Jormag, it hibernated under the ice of 德拉克 Lake and helped seduce Svanir into a follower of Jormag in the past.
  • 卓玛爪牙法兰涅尔 — The highest ranking member of the 斯瓦尼亚之子, he is responsible for twisting Raven's magic to create dangerous blizzards and powerful icebrood to carry out Jormag's will.
  • 卓玛 — Elder Dragon of Ice and Persuasion who is currently recovering under the protection of ice in the frozen north after being damaged by magic channeled from Primordus.


  • 废墟制造者班戈 — Leader of the 鲜血军团 whose winning smile is all teeth. Despite his reputation as a wildcard among the imperators, the best interests of the charr are close to Bangar's heart. His distrust for humans and the other races of Tyria stems not just from prejudice, but from historic wrongs committed against his people.
  • 里兰德·捕钢者 — Recently promoted 鲜血军团 百夫长 and son of Crecia and 里特洛克。 Loyal to his legion and imperator, he is willing to go to any lengths to ensure the interests of his people.



Bound by Blood.png 序章:血脉相连


—— In-game description

After receiving an invitation to attend the gathering of the charr legions in the 鲜血军团's homelands, several members of Dragon's Watch met up in the 黑烟壁垒 before heading off to 戈瑟玛山谷. 玛乔丽·德拉奎 and 卡丝蜜尔·米德 arrived after the 契约团指挥官 had met up with 里特洛克·硫磺石, Gorrik, and Braham. The small company rode the helicopter north before heading off in different directions to experience the festival, while only 里特洛克 and Braham stayed with the 指挥官。 护民官 克里西亚·烁石 welcomed the party to the valley and led them to a special seat reserved for the 指挥官 during the opening ceremony. After 鲜血军团 Imperator 废墟制造者班戈's opening speech, a ceremonial battle of the "last" 烙印 minion was put on, led by 里兰德·捕钢者 who was revealed to be 里特洛克和克里西亚's son. However, more 烙印 invaded the area, forcing the 指挥官 party to battle them while covertly helping Ryland with the slaying of the 烙印. Before the final blow could be dealt, however, Aurene flew by and crystallized Ryland's 烙印 target in order to end the battle. The sight of the Elder Dragon startled the audience, most notably Bangar who expressed his disappointment at what he perceived as the 指挥官 flaunting their power.

Braham and Ryland met and went off to socialize and get drunk during the festival, occasionally reporting in on their actions, sometimes intentionally. Meanwhile, the 指挥官 partook in several events and met with Imperators 马里斯·剑影 of the 灰烬军团 and 无畏者斯莫德 of the 钢铁军团, as well as 荣耀埃弗拉姆 who acted as the leader of a peace-seeking 烈焰军团 splinter group, to prove that Aurene was no threat. Rumors of trouble were brewing around the camp, with several charr on edge and lashing out at the non-charr attending the festival. Before long, Braham ended up in the brig for causing trouble while drunk, and he called the 指挥官 to release him. While leaving the brig, the pair realized that Braham's bow was not among his detained possessions.

指挥伏法 joined 里特洛克和克里西亚 to confront Bangar about the disturbances and acts of violence. Bangar dismissed the reports, however, and instead chose to antagonize 里特洛克 who reacted poorly due to the pair's troubled past. A brief brawl ensued between the two charr with 里特洛克 emerging as the winner while the subdued Bangar urged him to kill him and take over as imperator. Angered but aware of Crecia and the 指挥官 presence, 里特洛克 let go of Bangar as he did not want the burden of becoming the next Blood Imperator and did not want anything else from Bangar anymore. Leaving from that meeting, 里特洛克 and the 指挥官 were ambushed by a rowdy band of charr whom they dispatched quickly. Before they could make sense of all the acts of violence in the festival, the 指挥官 was called away to face yet another emergency.

Hearing from Efram that some charr had been causing trouble around the fahrar and trying to recruit cubs to an unknown cause, 卡丝蜜尔 placed a mesmer disguise on the 指挥官 to look like Ryland which would allow the 指挥官 to investigate the leads. The trail eventually led to the 作战室, where Gorrik was being held captive by several charr. 指挥伏法 rescued Gorrik from the kidnappers and found out that they had been intending to force information out of Gorrik about Aurene and her weaknesses. Shortly after, the 指挥官 heard that Bangar, Ryland and several warbands of charr from all 军团s—including some 变节者—had headed into the 席瓦雪山 under the cover of the festival.

指挥伏法, 里特洛克和克里西亚 chased after the rogue warbands only to learn that Bangar had acquired Braham's bow with Ryland's help and was planning to find and subjugate Jormag in order to "even the odds" against Aurene whom he and his followers viewed as a threat to the charr. However, because of a snowstorm, a destroyed bridge, and an ice elemental, Bangar's group escaped and Dragon's Watch had to return to the keep and wait for the storm to pass before giving chase. 被干扰 by Bangar's actions, Efram and the two imperators nevertheless decided to stay in the homelands for the time being and monitor the situation while trying to uncover a connection between Bangar, the 变节者 and potential sleeper agents throughout the legions.

进攻任务: 席瓦雪山小径

Shortly after the departure of Bangar's army, Crecia and 里特洛克 decided to send a group of volunteers into 席瓦雪山小径 to scout the area and see if conditions had improved enough to rebuild the bridge which the 变节者 had destroyed earlier. After braving the worsening weather and being forced to take a detour, the scouts found themselves facing an icebrood construct which had more devastating attacks than the one the 契约团指挥官's party had fought earlier. Although the construct was defeated, the blizzard continued. Crecia surmised that someone else must have been responsible for summoning the storm, and decided to send more scouts to the pass later.

Bjora Marches.png 第一幕: 黑暗低语

The commander and allies rush to 波卓拉边境 in pursuit of Bangar as he attempts to subjugate 卓玛。 But from the moment they arrive, their progress is halted by the vicious 斯瓦尼亚之子 and mysterious 私聊 that threaten to unravel them.

—— In-game description

契约团 commander received a mysterious call from 阿尔莫拉·守魂者, inviting them to 卓拉要塞 in 波卓拉边境 just as the blizzard that had prevented passage to the west had passed. Intrigued by the general's odd message, both in tone and wording, the 指挥官, alongside 里特洛克, Crecia, Braham and 玛乔丽, traveled to the keep, hoping to meet up with Almorra and her Vigil. Instead of a welcoming party, the party found the keep empty; inspecting it further, they discovered its occupants dead, slaughtered with very little resistance. 指挥伏法 entered the barracks with Braham, only for both of them to get trapped inside, with the doors mysteriously sealed. To escape it, the 指挥官 used an ancient artifact called the 鸦灵透镜 that was found inside. With it, the 指挥官 and Braham successfully unlocked the door and joined the others outside.

Using the lens to reveal spiritual visions of the past, the 指挥官 and Braham were able to follow the path 雅维·卓拉之女 and Almorra had been taken on, held hostage by the male norn of the keep who seemed to have become 斯瓦尼亚之子 and betrayed the Vigil. The pair tracked the trail that ultimately led to an icy cave, where Braham's former guildmates, Olar and Torrin, had captured Jhavi, forcing her to listen to Jormag's taunts. Once the pair had defeated the turned guildmates and freed Jhavi, she mentioned that the 卓玛爪牙法兰涅尔, an evil shaman leading the 斯瓦尼亚之子 in the area, was hiding inside the 鸦灵圣所 and twisting the magic within to create unnatural blizzards and constructs in preparation for an icebrood invasion. To get into the sanctum, the group would need a second lens, and Jhavi knew that the lens had last been held by Almorra. She also found it odd that Almorra had called the group to the marches, since their communicator had been confiscated when she and Almorra had been captured.

The party split up to search the nearby camps for any trace of Almorra, and while doing so, each member heard the 私聊 of a mysterious voice which tried hard to fracture them. The 私聊 affected 玛乔丽 in particular when she witnessed a traumatic vision of her dead sister 贝林达 while battling the 斯瓦尼亚之子 who were conducting a necromantic ritual, and she retreated back to the keep to recover from the visions. The party eventually discovered a coded note in the possession 斯瓦尼亚, letting Jhavi know that Almorra had headed up to the 黑霜洞窟. 指挥伏法 investigated the designated area, only to find that Almorra was long dead, buried under some rubble with her sword poking out nearby. 指挥伏法 swore to find out what had transpired in 黑霜洞窟 and avenge the general's death.

恢复 the second lens, the party used both lenses to unlock the gate leading into the sanctum, with only 玛乔丽 electing to stay back at the keep. The sanctum had long been a test for Raven's havrouns, and the 指挥官 moved through the mix of mystical maze and tests of scenarios described by the Spirit. Notably, the choices offered only seemed to lead to bad results, but Jhavi explained that these were by Raven's design to show that life had no straightforward answers to every question. Finally, in the inner chamber, the party found the fraenir who had been leading the Svanir in the area. After being defeated, the fraenir was suddenly reanimated and puppeted by Jormag, claiming to want to help the newest Elder Dragon Aurene bring eternal peace to Tyria and how Aurene and her allies would eventually realize that they needed Jormag's help to face the "terrible things that lurk just beyond the horizon." With the message delivered, Braham stated that the group should not believe Jormag's offer for an alliance. 指挥伏法 agreed, but only after a long pause.

Shadow in the Ice.png Episode 2: 冰中暗影


—— In-game description

Jhavi contacted the 指挥官 some time after the liberation of the 鸦灵圣所, passing on the information that 里特洛克和克里西亚 had not reported in for days and Braham had headed westward on his own to search for them. 指挥伏法 followed suit, spying a spectral Wolf beckoning westward. On the way to Braham, the 指挥官 discovered Eir's dire wolf companion Garm who was under attack by the 斯瓦尼亚之子, and he led the 指挥官 to Braham after they had defeated the ambush. Reuniting with the norn who was just as surprised by Garm's sudden 外貌 as the 指挥官 was, the pair and the dire wolf headed even further west to the remote kodan settlement of 静水传声. Several of the kodan there had begun to lose themselves to the 私聊 plaguing the region, especially as the settlement had already lost their Voice. 里特洛克和克里西亚 were being held captive in the settlement due to the kodan suspecting them to be Bangar's spies, but thanks to Braham and the 指挥官 who conversed with the settlement's Claw called 寻云师, the two charr were released.

寻云师 revealed that the 私聊 were coming from 德拉克, a champion of Jormag who had seduced Jhavi's great-granduncle Svanir to join the Ice Dragon's cause and led to the creation of the 斯瓦尼亚之子 cult in the past. Leeching the power of the lost 众灵 of Ox, Eagle and Wolverine and the magic of profane Idols of Jormag scattered throughout the region, 德拉克 could heal itself and remained effectively immortal and thus impossible to defeat in its current empowered state.

After helping the kodan strengthen their base and purify points of power from Jormag's influence, Braham and Garm found a hidden shrine to Wolf and invited the 指挥官 and Jhavi there while 里特洛克和克里西亚 tracked the movements of Bangar's army. Upon meeting at the shrine, the group witnessed Wolf himself appearing before them and tasking Braham, who had become a chosen norn via fulfilling the conditions of an ancient prophecy by cracking Jormag's fang in the past, with purifying the fallen shrines of Ox, Eagle and Wolverine and convince the lost 众灵 to lend their aid against 德拉克. To keep Jormag's champion from noticing what the party was up to, Jhavi volunteered to take a squad of Vigil and kodan to fight 德拉克 who had tarnished her family's name.

Braham traveled to the shrines and purified them for a short while with the 指挥官 and other spiritual norn's help. After each ritual, Braham confronted each of the lost 众灵 who remained skeptical of his worth and challenged his beliefs. One by one, though, they agreed to help as Braham proved himself to them. Once the shrines had been cleansed and the idols of Jormag had been shattered, Jhavi and 寻云师's forces chased 德拉克 into a nearby cave, so that it could no longer draw on the magic of the valley, while a party led by the 指挥官 descended into the cave to corner the wounded dragon champion. However, Jormag's power remained strong, and 里特洛克和克里西亚 both fell under the influence of the 私聊, trying instead to attack the 指挥官 than the dragon champion during the battle. 指挥伏法 was forced to knock the pair out before turning back to 德拉克 whom Braham and the lost 众灵 blasted and froze it in crystalline form.

Before the party could celebrate their victory, a fragment of Jormag's power, the 卓玛低语, emerged from 德拉克's corpse and revealed itself as the true source of the 私聊. It initially offered to talk, but the 指挥官 refused to listen. The 密语 successfully made Braham doubt himself in the ensuing battle, and even forced the 指挥官 to fight themself in their mind before Bangar and Ryland suddenly arrived to help finish the vessel off with Braham's bow. 恢复 from the mental onslaught, the party confronted Bangar who revealed that he would claim credit for defeating 德拉克 and use the feat as proof that he alone could control Jormag and sway the legions behind him. When the 指挥官 protested, Bangar shot them with a fiery arrow while claiming that a clash between the two of them had always been inevitable. Angered by the Blood Imperator's actions and worried about the 指挥官, Braham was finally able to embrace Wolf's blessing to 化身狼灵 and attacked Bangar, only to wound Ryland who stepped in the way to protect his imperator. In the ensuing skirmish, Bangar and Ryland retreated back to their army while Crecia, 里特洛克 and Braham took the wounded 指挥官 to safety.

While the 指挥官 was passed out, Aurene sensed their distress and had the party move to the 北方之眼 where she was roosting, with the 指挥官 resting by the 占卜池. Upon waking up and reuniting with Braham, Crecia, 里特洛克 and Jhavi, the recovering 指挥官 received answers from Aurene about what had transpired in the world since the battle in the cave and what Aurene had been doing in the meantime. With the 指挥官 out of the way, Bangar had claimed full credit for defeating 德拉克, which began fracturing the charr legions even more. Aurene reminded the party, however, that Bangar was only one piece in a bigger whole, and she was still uncertain about Jormag's true motives, so she suggested that the party bide their time for the time being and let Bangar make the first move in order to figure out what they should do next.

Visions of the Past- Steel and Fire.png 昔日幻景:钢铁和火焰


—— In-game description

Aurene introduces the 指挥官 to the 占卜池 in the 史迹殿堂. She shares a vision of the past, letting the 指挥官 experience what 里兰德·捕钢者's warband were up to between the events of the Prologue and 黑暗低语.

The Steel warband successfully guided their tank through treacherous terrain infested with 石峰会 Dwarves, but were unable to navigate through to the Bjora Pass.

废墟制造者班戈 and Ryland then attempted to find a new path through the 黑霜洞窟. During their travels, they came across 阿尔莫拉·守魂者 (who had been kidnapped by the Svanir under the influence of Jormag). Although they initially worked together to overcome the 冰巢怪, Almorra bickered with Bangar, and - acting on the orders of 废墟制造者班戈 - Ryland defeated Almorra. Bangar then finished her off and instructed Ryland to hide the body in the 黑霜废墟.

No Quarter.png Episode 3: 绝不留情


—— In-game description

With a bloody civil war raging between the charr, Ryland proposed a parley to the newly-formed United Legions. Crecia extended the invitation to the 指挥官 who was advised to have 里特洛克 bring them to the meeting. 指挥伏法 arrived in 雨森海岸 mid-meeting where Ryland demanded that the United Legions surrender and support Bangar's campaign. The allied charr legions refused, stressing the dangers of waking Jormag and being strongly opposed to rewarding the rogue 鲜血军团统领 for disrupting the fragile unity amongst the charr. Logan and 卡丝蜜尔 arrived during the meeting with a troop of Seraph intent on repaying the charr for assistance given during the Siege of 神佑之城. However, at the sight of the sudden arrival of humans, Ryland called off the parley with both sides having gained nothing from the brief dialogue. With Ryland gone, the allies were forced to decide on a tactic to defeat Bangar's army. Malice and Smodur disagreed on strategy with Smodur eager to face the enemy head on while the Ash imperator was keen on a subtler approach. With the 指挥官 help, Crecia and the imperators established a military strategy. While the leader's of the United Legions were focused on regaining territory from Ryland, 里特洛克 and the 指挥官 turned their attention to improving morale around the allied camps.

After completing a variety of tasks for the centurions in charge of support, the 指挥官 was ready to get into the field and stop Ryland. Fortunately, 里特洛克 had overheard Dominion officers talking about "diving deep" while searching for enemy centurions, a secret reference to the hidden headquarters of the Steel warband. Crecia deduced that the base was somewhere in 碎根盆地 and accompanied the 指挥官, 里特洛克 and the allied imperators to the seemingly unoccupied territory to investigate. Upon locating the base, Malice and Smodur again disagreed on tactics. Malice sought a covert operation over Smodur's offensive approach to infiltrating the Dominion camp. Malice's allies agreed with her plan, however, once reaching the doors to the Dominion war room, the impatient Smodur drew his weapon and charged in ready for a fight. Despite a lack of team synergy, the allies defeated the Dominion forces and subdued 辛德·钢韧, Ryland's second-in-command. Smodur wanted to kill her in order to showcase the United Leagions' strength, but Crecia pursuaded the others to keep her as a prisoner in order to coax Ryland back to the bargaining table. Smodur angrily returned to the field to fight while Malice set out to get the message of Cinder's capture to Ryland to recommence their parley.

While awaiting news from Malice, 里特洛克 and the 指挥官 lent their aid to the Iron imperator. Smodur provided minimal information to his new helpers, leading them on a mysterious mission to charge a crystal provided by an allied 烈焰军团火焰萨满. After charging the crystal with the power of a flame core, the 指挥官 delivered the device to a vent East of 彼特拉吉瞭望台. Smodur disclosed that the device was a powerful grenade that would destroy Dominion resources below. However, after detonating the grenade, it was discovered that the 'resources' were in fact Dominion soldiers. Angry at being maniuplated by Smodur, the 指挥官 and 里特洛克 went to survey the damage they had done. Among the casualties in the Dominion camp was one 恶毒's personal guards, leading 里特洛克 to question the allegiance of the Ash imperator. Hearing from Crecia of Ryland's willingness to meet, 里特洛克 and the 指挥官 returned to the hidden Dominion base to rejoin their allies.

Learning of Smodur's use of a searing crystal in the destruction of a Dominion camp, Smodur and Efram fought over the ethics of war. After the 指挥官 stepped in to break up the fight, Ryland arrived ready to talk. Crecia appeared stronger in these negotiations now that the United Legions had taken most of the Southern 雨森海岸. She asked Ryland to rejoin the legions after losing most of his warbandmates to the war and reasserted the dangers of waking 卓玛。 Ryland, seemingly interested in making an offer, demanded that Cinder be let go as a show of good faith, and Crecia mulled over his request. 怒气涌流d that this proposition was even considered, Smodur ended negotiations by plunging his dagger into Cinder's neck. Ryland charged at Smodur who was quickly protected by Crecia's magic. Feeling betrayed, Ryland fled towards 狼灵岔口 where the 指挥官 and their allies encountered an icebrood-looking 风暴之声瓦里尼亚 and the newly-founded Frost Legion. Once the 士气大臣 was defeated, the allies returned to the old Dominion hideout, angry at Smodur, and discussed plans for what to do next. Malice disclosed that she had double agents within the Dominion forces who could provide intel on Bangar's movements. The group agreed to keep fighting while waiting for an opening up North to continue their pursuit of Bangar and Ryland.

Jormag Rising.png Episode 4: 卓玛崛起


—— In-game description

Malice summoned the 指挥官 back to 雨森海岸 with news of a plan to push north. The glacier blocking their path to Bangar had receded revealing a cave at the end of the western beach. With the coast guarded by Dominion, Malice devised a plan to clear out the beach and the cave to establish a base further north. 指挥伏法, Crecia, 里特洛克 and Braham disguised as enemy soldiers to destroy Dominion cannons lining the beach. After defeating a Frost Legion centurion, the group met up with one 恶毒's double agents. He told them about the mass conversion of Dominion into Frost Legion taking place in the heavily fortified 寒霜壁垒. They also learned that Jormag was inside the keep and was close to waking. 指挥伏法 continued to clear out the caves until they could join Malice in the camp that was already established ahead of them. The group questioned why Bangar would want to convert so many of his own soldiers, wondering if Jormag was actually the one in control. Awaiting Smodur's siege engines to join them, Braham went to investigate some norn ruins south of a possible entrance to the 寒霜壁垒 while the others turned to fighting Bangar's army.

指挥伏法 joined Braham at the ruins which turned out to be the location where the 《野性众灵》 first revealed themselves to the norn. A tall door leading into the enemy keep stood infront of the ruins. Braham hoped to open the door by using the power of the 众灵 and offered to stay and study the ruins further. 指挥伏法 left Braham to take out enemy communication towers and sabotage the Dominion. While out, Braham discovered that he would need the power of all the 众灵, including the corrupted ones, in order to open the door to the citadel. 指挥伏法 was called back to camp shortly after finishing up in the field to solve another disagreement involving Smodur, and this time, 伯拉罕。

When the 指挥官 made it back to the camp, Braham and Smodur were still arguing over strategy. Braham was worried that a direct assault would be too obvious and wanted to use the entrance at the ruins as a way of infiltrating the 寒霜壁垒. Believing Braham's mission to be both a waste of time and resources, Smodur prefered a full-on assault with all manpower focused on the keep's front door. The group was split between the two options with Efram leaning towards supporting Braham and 里特洛克 reluctantly agreeing with 斯莫德。 Before the 指挥官 could share their own views, the camp was hit by a suprise attack led by Ryland. Smodur was shot dead before anyone could react. After holding off the attack the group was left to find a replacement for Smodur as commander of the Iron forces. Because of Efram's recent experience fighting alongside Smodur and time constraints, Efram was given the important role of leading the United Legions army. Cinder decided that the group should be open to Braham's idea but that they could only wait until their own army was ready to march or else they would be giving Jormag too much time to wake. Braham agreed and he and the 指挥官 returned to the norn ruins to continue their attempts at opening the door.

At the ruins, the 指挥官 saw a vision of a shaman hiding the totems of three of the Lesser 众灵. Braham explained that they would need to be retreived to open the door. Leaving Braham behind to prove his worth to the other Lesser 众灵, the 指挥官 sought out the lost totems. Each Spirit presented a challenge to test the 指挥官 before they could obtain the totems. The missing totems were guarded by Ox, who tested the 指挥官 strength; Wolverine, who tested their comabat ability; and Eagle, who transformed the 指挥官 into the bird-of-prey to test their speed in flight. Having gained the respect of each Spirit, the 指挥官 returned to Braham to find 里特洛克和克里西亚 eager to open the door. The 众灵 gave the group a riddle through Braham who acted as a vessel from which they could speak. The riddle gave clues which helped the group rearrange the totems into an order that unlocked the power of the Spirit and opened the door to the 寒霜壁垒. In the process, Braham learned the truth of Owl's fate. Owl had not perished, as the norn had thought, from fighting Jormag during the norn exodus. She was in fact corrupted by the Elder Dragon and had locked herself away in the 荒野圣所 to avoid lending her power to the ice dragon. By opening the door, Braham had freed the corrupted Spirit, giving Jormag the power they needed to awaken. Regretting his actions, Braham followed 里特洛克, Crecia and the 指挥官 through the back door of the 寒霜壁垒 while their allies outside led a frontal assault on the fortified keep.

As Efram and Malice blasted through the front doors, the 指挥官 small group slowly climbed up the citadel while cutting through Frost Legion soldiers. 指挥伏法 made it to the top with ease, but the room hosting Jormag was sealed off with a wall of ice. Crecia's magic wasn't strong enough to melt the ice which required a stronger flame to counteract Jormag's power. The group needed Efram to break through the wall, but the United Legions army was blocked off by thick walls of ice that would have taken too long to get through. In order to unite the two groups, the 指挥官 grabbed a nearby charrzooka and blew a hole through the roof. Malice and Efram joined the 指挥官 by flying through the hole and Efram was able to melt the ice blocking the final room with the help of 苏哈辛. As the allies charged into the room they found Bangar sapping the power of the Great 《野性众灵》 with the hopes of using it to control 卓玛。 As the 指挥官 engaged Bangar, Ryland appeared and joined in on fighting the Blood imperator. With Bangar and Ryland in full combat, the 指挥官 turned their attention to freeing the 《野性众灵》 from Bangar's control. Once the four 众灵 were freed, the allies joined Ryland in attacking 班戈。 Despite Bangar being outnumbered, he was saved by the waking of Jormag, but to his dismay, was chosen to become the new 卓玛之音 and became icebrood rather than the Elder Dragon's puppeteer as he had hoped. Instead, Jormag chose Ryland to become their champion. Accepting the offer, Ryland also became icebrood, but much stronger, and fled with the Elder Dragon leaving Bangar behind. Once gone, Jormag spoke through Bangar, promising many conversations in the future. The citadel began to collapse and the allies made the quick decision to bring Bangar, who had appeared to lose his voice, to the 北方之眼. On arrival, Aurene shared her concern over the waking of 卓玛。 Bangar was imprisoned and Aurene explained that he could be used to speak with Jormag, though it seemed that it could only be when the ice dragon desired. Without knowing what Jormag had planned, Aurene dismissed the 指挥官, explaining that she would contact them once they had a clue to the Elder Dragon's whereabouts.

Episode 5: 首领环伺


—— In-game description

Chapter 1: Truce

The Icebrood Saga Champions Truce wallpaper.jpg

Chapter 2: Power

The Icebrood Saga Champions Power wallpaper.jpg

Chapter 3: Balance

The Icebrood Saga Champions Balance wallpaper.jpg

After discovering Jormag's atrocities under the guise of "helping" with Primordus research, Aurene attempts to negotiate with Jormag through their Voice. Aurene and Jormag verbally spar which results in a stalemate. Responding to news of an 冰巢怪 and Frost Legion attack on 卡勒顿之森, the commander finds whole villages of Caledon's residents frozen in ice. 指挥伏法 and Canach find surprise Tengu allies and defeat an 冰巢怪 Giant outside the Aerie outside of the 神风领域.

On return to the 北方之眼, the commander uses the scrying pool to witness Braham and the 《野性众灵》 on a journey to become Primordus' 勇士。 Braham and the spirits travel to the heart of Primordus' volcano lair, battling destroyers as they journey to the heart of the volcano. After defeating a gigantic destroyer, Braham and the spirits merge as Primordus' 勇士 in hopes of steering the dragon directly into battle with 卓玛。 Each of the spirits offer their unique power in combination with Braham to focus Primordus into attacking Jormag directly

指挥伏法 gets word of a change in the leadership 烈焰军团, which 克里西亚·烁石 hoped would result in a united charr. Heading to negotiations at 血潮海岸, the 指挥官 and Olmakhan allies are attacked by 冰巢怪, which are ultimately defeated after shoring up a nearby lighthouse as a defensible location.

里特洛克 contacts the 指挥官 to support saving the remaining 烈焰军团 in 炎心高地 under direct attack from destroyers. As the battle culminated on the bridge outside of the 烈焰壁垒, Braham joined the battle, transformed into a dragon champion. Forces of fire and flame clash on the bridge and the 指挥官 and allies manage to prevail without harming 伯拉罕。

Chapter 4: 审判

The Icebrood Saga Champions Judgment wallpaper.jpg

With both dragons primed for a clash, they are lured out to a field so that their champions and minions can battle each other. 指挥伏法 and any allies willing and able meet them on the battlefield and ensure that one side doesn't overtake the other. Eventually, both Jormag and Primordus are weakened and enraged enough that the two lunge at each other, destroying each other in the process. In the aftermath of their crash, both Braham and Ryland lose their champion status and return to normal. However, while Braham is relieved to be free of the influence, Ryland still holds a lot of anger. After a long fight with him against the 指挥官 and both his parents, Ryland is killed and dies in 里特洛克's arms.

Current Events.png 周边故事: 当前事件

After witnessing the clash between the two Elder Dragons, 泰蜜 and Gorrik returned to the 北方之眼, setting up a laboratory near Aurene so they could study and investigate the dragon cycle and any changes to the world from the magical fallout. As there were no visible consequences from the deaths of the dragons yet, 泰蜜 suggested that either Aurene was able to contain the excess magic alone, something else got its share of magic, or that the world is simply short on time. To help with the research, Gorrik proposed to the 指挥官 that they could use the 占卜池 to search the 指挥官 memories of their past battles and struggles against the 上古巨龙 Although the 指挥官 initially protested, in the end they accepted and went to relive their memories, starting with following the disturbance in 布里斯班野地.

Dates of free access

伐木 into the game between the two dates listed would unlock the related episode for free. You can unlock the episodes even if you do not own 烈焰征途, but you must have the expansion in order to play them. The dates are as follows:

Note: For the 首领 episode and its chapters, you will get all of them for free as long as you log into the game and claim at least one chapter.

Episode Dates
序章:血脉相连 9月 17, 2019 - 11月 19, 2019
April 28, 2020 - May 4, 2020[1]
黑暗低语 11月 19, 2019[2] - 1月 28, 2020
2月 10, 2020[3]
May 5, 2020 - May 11, 2020[1]
冰中暗影 1月 28, 2020 - March 17, 2020
May 12, 2020 - May 18, 2020[1]
昔日幻景:钢铁和火焰 March 17, 2020 - May 26, 2020
绝不留情 May 26, 2020 - July 28, 2020
卓玛崛起 July 28, 2020 - 11月 17, 2020
首领 Chapter 1: Truce 11月 17, 2020 - 1月 19, 2021
Chapter 2: Power 1月 19, 2021 - March 9, 2021
Chapter 3: Balance March 9, 2021 - April 27, 2021
Chapter 4: 审判 April 27, 2021 - TBA



  • A saga is a long story of the adventures of a hero or a family, especially a medieval prose narrative written in Old Norse or Old 冰岛ic.
  • 冰巢传说 is known as "Bloed en Ijs" and "Sangre y Hielo" (Blood and Ice) in Dutch and 西班牙语, respectively.
  • On 2月 10, 2020, the 《激战2》 twitter account tweeted, "Due to a bug, Episode 1 of 冰巢传说 is currently free in the #GuildWars2 gem store. We have a fix going in for that tomorrow, but in the meantime if you have not unlocked 黑暗低语 yet, log in to get it for free today!"[3]

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