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A summon is a friendly NPC ally or object created via skills, consumables, or other items such as runes or sigils. Many professions have skills and mechanics designed around summons.

Types of summon


Summoned allies are non-player characters allied to the player. These NPCs can be targeted by foes and allies alike, and as such have their own health bar. Summoned allies have their own set of attributes, typically based off the level of the player. Mesmer illusions will gain some attributes based on the player's attributes.


Like all objects, summoned objects can be interacted with and have a yellow health bar, if applicable. Most players will encounter summoned objects through conjure weapons, banners, and bundles from consumable items. Static objects include turrets and siege weapons, the latter of which can be interacted with.


Profession skills

All professions have access to a summon of some kind.

Profession Summon Type
Elementalist Elementals and conjure weapons
Engineer Turrets and Gyros
Guardian Spirit Weapons
Mesmer Illusions
Necromancer Minions
Ranger Spirits
Thief Fellow thieves
Warrior Banners

Racial skills

Summon Skill
7-Series Golem 240696.png 7系魔像
D-Series Golem 240697.png D系魔像
Charr Warband 103932.png 支援战队
Hounds of Balthazar 103942.png 巴萨泽猎犬
Snow Wurm 103969.png 召唤地虫
Druid Spirit 240699.png 召唤德鲁伊精魂
Fern Mastiff [[file:|26px|link=]] [[|]]
Mistfire Wolf 347244.png 雾火之狼

Runes and sigils

Summon Item
Golem 2179567.png 超级魔像师符文
Minion 2179567.png 超级巫妖符文
Parrot 2179567.png 超级私掠者符文
Rock Dog 2179567.png 超级食人魔符文
Ravens 2179567.png 超级疯王符文
Fleshreaver Superior Sigil of Demon Summoning


Note that apart from the turret, the summoned allies listed here are active for a maximum of 5 minutes and have a 30 minute cooldown before they can be used again.
Summon Item
Ember 219351.png 火焰元素粉
Ogre Pet 455549.png 食人魔宠物口哨
Thumper Turret 62860.png 机动重击炮台
Pocket Jade Armor 1466343.png 袖珍翠玉护甲