Mounts are far more than a speed boost—they're a whole new way to explore the world of Tyria. Unlock and train your new companions using the max-level Mastery character progression system, and explore freely by leaping across canyons, bounding up high cliffs, and skimming over quicksand.

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Mounts are creatures used to enhance travel through the Crystal Desert and the open world of Tyria. They are available exclusively through the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire expansion.

Types and mechanics

There were five mounts released with the Path of Fire expansion, each tied to the mastery system with their own mastery tracks. Living World Season 4 introduced a sixth mount as well as added masteries that affect mounts. Each mount has its own unique set of abilities and characteristics; they also possess one offensive skill that, when used, also dismounts the player.

Once unlocked, mounts can be used by any character on the player's account. Mounts can be summoned any time using the X default key. Right-clicking the skill icon will also allow you to choose one of your unlocked mounts. Pressing the same key will dismount you a short distance from the ground, meaning you can dismount and then glide. Player characters themselves are immune to fall damage while mounted; with certain exceptions, they will instead be forcibly dismounted and knockdowned. This does not, however, impact the mount in any way; the player can mount again once the character recovers.

A player cannot mount while in combat, in a Mounts Disabled zone, or an area where the mount would not fit. Being in combat does not affect the movement speed of a mount. Entering a [[File:|20px|link=Mounts Disabled|]] [[Mounts Disabled|]] zone will dismount the player.

Mounts' health, stamina and engage skill damage are all separate and independent from the player's gear.

Default key for Mount Action 1 is V and Mount Action 2 is C. A mount's Engage skill is triggered with 1.

Mount Unlocked by Engage Skill Jump (regular) [M 1] Jump
(conditional) [M 2]
Mount Action 1 Mount Action 2 Mount abilities
Complete Sparking the Flame
Tail Spin
Hop Forward Leap (if moving forward) [M 3]
Hop (otherwise)
Forward Leap [M 3]
  • Able to leap across large distances and wide canyons.
  • Pulls nearby enemies with Tail Spin if Round Up mastery is trained.
Complete Help out around Highjump Ranch
and purchase for 50
Trade Contract
s and Gold coin.
(Requires Raptor mastery Canyon Jumping)
Cannonball (skill)
Hop High Jump (if stationary)
Hop (otherwise)
High Jump
Complete Use a skimmer to help with training around the ranch
and purchase for 50
Trade Contract
s and Gold coin.
(Requires Raptor mastery Canyon Jumping)
Barrel Roll
Levitate Levitate Levitate
Complete Help Drojkor, Spirit Squall, control jackals
and purchase for 200
Trade Contract
s and 20 Gold coin
Trade Contract
s and 30 Gold coin 40 Silver coin if heart not completed the day of purchase)

(Requires Springer mastery High Vault or Skimmer mastery Ride the Wind)
Pounce (Jackal)
Hop Teleport (if airborne)[M 4]
Hop (otherwise)
Teleport [M 4]
Completing the Open Skies collections
(Requires Path of Fire story to be completed)
Swoop (griffon)
Hop (on the ground)
Flap (if airborne)
Hop (on the ground)
Flap (if airborne)
Dive (if airborne) Rise (if airborne and have speed from diving)
  • Able to soar through the sky after diving, gaining a short burst of speed.
  • Gains a significant speed boost if flapping was used while diving (requires Aerial Finesse mastery).
  • Immunity to falling damage.
Roller Beetle
Roller Beetle
Completing the Beetle Juice, Beetle Saddle, and Beetle Feed collections
(Requires Forearmed Is Forewarned to be completed)
Roll Out (Engage skill)
Perform Trick (if airborne)
Turbo Boost (if endurance full)
Perform Trick (if airborne)
Turbo Boost Drift
(If moving fast enough)
  • Runs over enemies; launches them if Wrecking Ball mastery is trained.
  • Gains velocity travelling down inclines; loses velocity travelling up inclines.
  • Bounces across pools of water when moving fast enough. (max 5)
  • Can break through certain walls to access hidden areas and break crystals to gain Volatile Magic if moving fast enough (requires Barrier Smash mastery) after using Turbo Boost or Roll Out.
  • Can do tricks while airborne to regain endurance (requires Big Air mastery). Lose endurance on improper landings.
  • Can drift while traveling at high speeds allowing sharp turns. Gains endurance while drifting.
  1. The option Disable Conditional Mount Movement Ability Input must be checked.
  2. The option Disable Conditional Mount Movement Ability Input must be unchecked and must have enough endurance.
  3. 3.0 3.1 Leap in the direction the character is facing, can turn in midair.
  4. 4.0 4.1 Dematerialize for 0.5 seconds while moving quickly in the direction the camera is facing.

Mount skins

Mount skins can be unlocked account-wide by purchasing them in the Gem Store. The skins have only cosmetic effects; there are no gameplay advantages associated with them.

List of mount skins

See also: Gallery of mount skins
Roller Beetle



  • Mounts can be dyed.
  • The Options game menu allows you to set key bindings for specific mounts after you've unlocked them. There are no default keybindings for selecting specific mounts.
  • Mounts benefit from certain bonuses from runes, sigils, food, and utility items, but not profession-specific bonuses.
    • For example, mounts do not gain the 50% fall damage reduction bonus from, say, Peak Performance, nor do they gain the +toughness from having 1, 3, and 5 Snowfall runes.
    • They benefit from Accuracy sigils in a currently equipped weapon. Superior Sigil of Accuracy causes the mount to have 11% baseline crit chance.
    • They gain the +HP/second bonus from Tropical Peppermint Cakes, but not the Vitality bonus.
    • They do not gain +Endurance regeneration from food or Vigor.
  • The mount endurance bar percentage is shared between mounts, but not shared with the endurance bar when dismounted. It regenerates normally while dismounted, which means rapidly re-mounting (including to a different mount) may mean the mount will not be at full endurance.
    • The Roller Beetle's endurance bar starts at 0 regardless of the other mounts' endurance bar. After dismounting it will slowly drain until empty or re-mounting.
  • Mounts can be rented during seasonal festivals, even by players without access to Path of Fire.
  • Mounts interact strangely with stat boosting banners. They gain 0 of one stat and a massively boosted amount of the other.
  • Mounting destroys most allies summoned using skills, like Ranger spirits, or elementals from either Glyph of Elementals or Glyph of Lesser Elementals. However, Necromancer minions are sometimes respawned after using an Engage skill or the Dismount skill, but are still sometimes destroyed. It most cases it happens when mounting too fast after dismounting (before minions have finished appearing animation).
  • Stowed pets from Ranger won't spawn and attack after engaging battle with a mount attack.
  • A Holosmith's heat bar is instantly set to 0 upon mounting, even if they are currently overheating or have Photonic Blasting Module traited.
  • A Daredevil will have 100 endurance upon dismounting instead of 150.


  • Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns introduced enemies which used mounts, namely the Zintl Cavalier and the Mordrem Guard Cavalier. However, these enemies did not use a proper mount system. Instead, the mounted enemy would begin attacking as a singular enemy model with shared animations and a single health pool which was replaced by two "unmounted" models with a reduced health pool via a transitional shakeoff animation after the enemy had received a certain amount of damage.
  • Only the Raptor mount and its first two mastery skills were available during the Path of Fire preview weekend. It could still be dyed during preview.
  • Mount sizes do not scale based on the race of the player character; instead they scale based on the height of the character. For example, a short asura will ride a raptor that is the same size as a raptor that a short charr rides.

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