A chest is an environmental object that gives coin, 装备, crafting materials, and upgrade components. They are located throughout Tyria and come in different shapes and sizes. 普通 chests can be found in fairly easy to reach places.

Rewards chests such as 辉煌宝箱s are more difficult to reach and provide greater rewards. Boss chests often provide the greatest rewards and spawn after the completion of epic meta events that involve many players. Most jumping puzzles have a chest at the end as a reward. 玩家人数 of any level can open a chest, but can be interrupted if attacked.


Prefixed chests are much less common than normal chests and provide higher value loot and a greater number of items. They will often contain upgrade components. These chests typically act as rewards for a multitude of activities including meta events, jumping puzzles, 探险家 achievements, dungeons and Mini-dungeons, and so on. In general, these chests are found in harder to reach areas and specific requirements and provide greater rewards than normal chests. They also reset after a given amount of time, similar to their normal counterparts.

不包括我们 chests are static chests found throughout the world. Whenever killing a creature yields loot of at least rare quality, a small 木箱 appears on the ground instead of the sparkling creature's body. A chest containing the 斯克鼠窃贼 can randomly appear in a number of locations all over Tyria.

For a complete list of the types of chests that exist in Tyria, see 类别:Chests.

Boss chest

Boss chests provide up to 5 rewards of various quality. An example would be the 巨龙宝箱 after the 粉碎er and 阴鬼"吞噬托" events. These contain one universal upgrade, jewels, and 装备.


Bonus chest

模板:Outdated After completing certain events, characters level 39 and above will receive a bonus chest, alternatively called bouncy chest,[1][2] with an item of rare or exotic quality, in addition to being able to loot a boss chest. These items will appear with a chest icon in the lower-right portion of your screen. For each event, your account can only receive one such bonus each day. The UI will display up to three unclaimed chests, including the ones from map completion or the daily. If a fourth bonus chest is earned while the first three float in the UI, it will appear after you claim the items from any of the first three. Any additional bonus chests beyond the fourth one will be automatically accepted into your inventory when you change map, exit the game or enter 世界之战. Only 20 bonus chests can be in the queue; if a 21st chest enters the queue, chest contents will automatically enter your inventory.

Since the release of 决战迈古玛, most events also have bonus 事件奖励 bouncy chest with normal rewards.

Qualifying events

Event Notes Zone Named drops
Epic bosses
Event boss (tango icon).png [团队事件] 打败暗影巨兽 (15) 传送门s during the pre-event must be destroyed to awake 暗影巨兽. 女王谷 780044.png 永眠, 534311.png 灵魂锁链
Event boss (tango icon).png [团队事件] 超负荷的C.L.E.A.N.5000型能量核释放出了混沌能量,引发出了火焰元素,赶紧将它扑灭掉 (15) 度量领域 779950.png 余烬螺旋, 779857.png 余烬辉光, 780574.png 克丹之吼, 780303.png 射矛器, 534103.png 缠蛇
Event boss (tango icon).png 打败巨型丛林地虫 (15) 卡勒顿之森 紫藤, 荆棘之墙, 农民之友, 灵魂碎片, 阿尔法X7-10型, 爆裂大师, 大大咒符
Event boss (tango icon).png [团队事件] 消灭碎裂巨兽 (50) 裂脊草原 克拉卡托的吐息, 哨兵之毒
Red Boss.png [团队事件] 打败巨型丛林地虫的琥珀色头部 (55)
Red Boss.png [团队事件] 打败巨型丛林地虫的深蓝色头部 (55)
Red Boss.png [团队事件] 打败巨型丛林地虫的深红色头部 (52)
Part of the 三重麻烦 meta event. 血潮海岸 See: 巨型丛林地虫宝箱
Red Boss.png 击败阴鬼"吞噬托" (65) 闪萤沼泽 See: 巨龙宝箱
Event boss (tango icon).png [团队事件] 击败审讯团魔像马克II型 (68) 容器 must be successfully disabled before the 审讯团's 魔像马克II型 can be summoned. 漩涡山 审讯团之符, 烈焰之息, 岩浆之力, 暴风, 缠蛇, 阿尔法超级死光枪, 海啸, 阿德伦决战之刃, 卓克纳反曲弓
Event boss (tango icon).png [团队事件] 击败卓玛之爪 (80) 霜谷之音 死亡之愿, 余烬螺旋, 寒冬之咬,苍穹使者
Event boss (tango icon).png [团队事件] 消灭死亡烙印碎裂巨兽 (80) 亚哈悬崖 克拉卡托的吐息, 威力晶化灌注, 哨兵之毒
Event boss (tango icon).png [团队事件] 击败德拉克 (80) 波卓拉边境 德拉克的宝藏, Etched weapons
巨龙风暴 副本 accessible from 北方之眼 冰霜链锯 冰冻, 欧茹恩的礼物, 原始巨龙的左眼, 原始巨龙的右眼, 火山 风暴召唤者 weapons
神殿 bosses
Event boss (tango icon).png [团队事件] 在复生巴萨泽祭司召唤出复生大军之前将其击败 (75) 浩劫海峡 巴萨泽指环
Event boss (tango icon).png [团队事件] 消灭腐化了的高阶女祭司 (78) 马尔科之跃 全知之眼, 阿·利刹
Event boss (tango icon).png [团队事件] 击败被附身的德薇娜雕像 (79) 马尔科之跃 德薇娜之拥, 德薇娜之星
Event shield (tango icon).png [团队事件] 掩护守护者琼兹·亡奔执行净化仪式 (80) 诅咒海岸 古兰斯纹章
Event cog (tango icon).png [团队事件] 保护用来净化神殿的契约团阻断器进行充能 (80) 诅咒海岸 紫藤, Mojo, 梅兰朵之绽, 燃烧器, 烈焰之息
Event bosses
Event boss (tango icon).png [团队事件] 消灭斯瓦尼亚萨满酋长,打破他对寒冰元素的控制 (10) 旅者丘陵 射矛器, 永恒之冰, 寒潮, 丑陋刺棍, 飞鸟, 三叉戟 of the True Legion, 克莱索,鎏金之剑
Event boss (tango icon).png [团队事件] 击败狂人洛汉达克 (25) 烈焰神殿墓场, accessible by completing 烈焰军团之战. 底耶沙高地 Rhendak's 三叉戟, 洛汉达克纹章
Kill the 邪熊酋长 and her elite guards before the ogres can rally 观测者传送点 is uncontested while the event runs. 废墟原野 邪熊幸运羽毛, Sam
Event boss (tango icon).png [团队事件] 击败莫迪尔沃尔格斯和他的爪牙 (43) 枢纽营地传送点 is uncontested while the event runs. 哈拉希腹地 世界之杖, 沃尔格斯之柱, 沃尔格斯之尾
击败掘洞人委员 (掘洞悬崖) Part of 追求学问 meta event. Must regain control of camps before 掘洞人委员 can appear. 掘洞悬崖 委员之唤, 委员的宣言
Event boss (tango icon).png [团队事件] 消灭上将泰达·科文顿 (50) 血潮海岸 手持灾祸, 可靠的老者
Event boss (tango icon).png 击败火焰萨满和他的爪牙 (60) The boss will reset his health to full twice after he has been "killed", so basically you have to kill him three times total. 钢铁平原 炭柱的谋略, 炭柱之怒
Event boss (tango icon).png 在超能毁灭者炸死所有人之前消灭它 (66) The event spawns after stabilizing the volcano. 漩涡山
Event boss (tango icon).png [团队事件] 摧毁泽坦之眼 (75) Event chain can take 20-60 分钟s to spawn after the pre events are completed and you must kill a difficult 首领 复生憎恶 before the final boss 浩劫海峡 亚拉之环, 亚拉吊坠
Event boss (tango icon).png [团队事件] 打败威胁定居点安全的喀壳虫女王 (80) Event may start after securing all settlements 南阳海湾
Event boss (tango icon).png 赶在沙尘暴消散前打败传奇沙暴巨人 (80) Spawns at the start of the 沙尘暴! meta event. 干涸高地
Meta event
Event shield (tango icon).png [团队事件] 阻止半人马占领尼波平台 (28) 甘达拉战区
Living Story bosses
打败绯红 Final event of the 绯红的爪牙在入侵! meta event. Awards 2 items. All level 25+ zones except the 欧尔遗迹 region and 南阳海湾
守住阵线! Part of the 扭曲绯红武器测试 meta event. 罗纳通道



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  • 地下城 chests used to drop dungeon tokens until they were removed due to exploits.
  • Daily chests with an increased drop rate in exotic and precursor weapons were introduced in the 26 2月 2013 update. They included a guaranteed rare or better weapon that was moved to a 奖励宝箱 in the 26 March 2013 update.

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