A support Firebrand build for WvW. Provides a large amount of Stability, powerful healing, cleansing and boon support.

Skill Bar


模板:SwapWeap 模板:SwapWeap

Weapon Variants

模板:Skillbar variant Brings a powerful block and boon support at the cost of CC.

Skill Variants



Trade 103675.png 净化火焰 for


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  • 1012439.png 一心惩戒 if not running a Consecration utility
  • 1012446.png 不屈勇气 group stunbreak and Stability, preferred option if having multiple guards, on the same party, using Virtues as 1012445.png 战斗灵气 does not stack.


  • 1769940.png 解放之誓 for Quickness uptime if 3 extra tome pages aren't needed.


Swap Virtues to Valor for more personal sustain and 1770466.png 勇气圣书 availability at the cost of general improvements for tomes. Recommended as a second Firebrand in a party.



  • 1012431.png 群体防御 excellent passive healing bonus, preferred option if having multiple guards, on the same party, using Valor as 1012430.png 众志成城 does not stack.


Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
PvE weapon swap.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
Minstrel stat icon.png
×6 超级僧侣符文
×18 世界之战治愈灌注


2191059.png 碗装薄荷配菜水果沙拉 Feast option with additional concentration



  • 模板:Giver can be an easier stat to obtain stat in place of Minstrel's but loses effective health.
  • 模板:Cleric can be used to add healing power at the cost of boon support and personal sustain.



Switch 2179569.png 超级转移法印 for:




  • Under General Options / User Interface check "Always show squad health bars" and "Always show party health bars". These will make it much easier to keep track of who needs your support. "Thick squad health bars" and "Thick party health bars" are even better but are up to personal preference.
  • Under "Squad Options" uncheck "View as a grid". This will allow you to keep track of your allies' boons, conditions and health, enabling a better decision-making and skill management.


  • 1770478.png 决心圣书 and 1770466.png 勇气圣书 both bring new skill sets which grant access to an extremely powerful boon support, healing and cleanses as well as unique buffs for your group. Knowing when to enter or to stow a tome, which tomes skills must be prioritized based on the situation and how to play while a tome is on cooldown are fundamental.
  • Outside of tomes usage and in between tomes usage; Staff, Mace/Axe and Shield skills along with your Mantras and utilities, coupled with various traits will provide a consistent and strong group support.
  • 1012412.png 无私英勇 and 1012406.png 纯洁之心 make up a significant part of your group healing. Try to use your dodge rolls and Aegis skills not only just for personal defense but also when your group requires some healing. Remember, going into/out tomes and swapping weapons procs Superior Sigil of Superior Sigil of Energy.

103664.png "坚守阵地!"

"Stand Your Ground!" is an immensely strong and game changing skill. Being able to deny up to five crowd control skills for ten people makes it an indispensable skill on this build.

  • This is your main and most important source of group stability. It is an opener, don't use it prior to an imminent or at the moment the engage happens, use it preemptively (like 3-4s before) since the stability from SYG has a considerabĺe duration and you have other skills that can upkeep stability after that as well. Thus, allies won't get caught behind by CC skills like 961474.png 天降巨锤 or 103821.png 夺魂印记.
  • If you are CC'ed, don't use SYG as a stunbreak unless absolutely neccessary. Use 1770460.png 自由咒语.


  • All tomes retain their passives after activation due to 1769947.png 博学之士 , so don't hesitate to use them if your group is pressured. It's possible to switch directly from tome to tome.
  • There are 2 sources of self Quickness in the build: entering a tome and stowing a tome. Use these brief windows to land tome #4 and #5 skills faster, to recharge depleted Mantras or to 103636.png 能量引导.
  • Swapping out of a tome sends it on cooldown even if you didn't consume all the pages. Therefore, try to only enter a tome if you can make full use of it. Skills #4 and #5 are usually the strongest but with the longest recharge, look after using them at least twice before running out of pages whenever that's possible.

1770472.png 正义圣书

Filler tome that's low on the priority list, won't be used much unless you are out of options: need a quick CC, need to proc Superior Sigil of Energy or have to contribute with some damage.

1770478.png 决心圣书

Tome of Resolve brings high healing, condition cleansing, condition conversion, as well as a unique boon called Miscellaneous effect.png Epilogue Eternal Oasis for your party. As a support Firebrand you will be able to fully heal allies with only a few skills so you may sometimes need to camp the tome.

  • Miscellaneous effect.png Epilogue Eternal Oasis try to use this as the first and the last tome skill for the increased incoming healing effectiveness on your allies (especially useful there is another support in your party). It can also be used to nullify condition pressure when going through shade bombs or being pushed by enemies and granting boons to allies.
  • Miscellaneous effect.png Chapter 4 Shining River is a priority skill and usually the 2nd you will use after entering the tome for continuous AoE healing. Since it is static: try to cast it on top of the zerg or a little bit ahead of your commander if he is moving.
  • Miscellaneous effect.png Chapter 3 Azure Sun won't be used unless you need some Vigor uptime.
  • Miscellaneous effect.png Chapter 2 Radiant Recovery is a solid skill (with low cooldown) that will be used whenever moderate condition removal is needed. It has an average priority and it works well with 1770487.png 学识咒语 if Tome 2 #5 is not available. Try to hug your allies to ensure they get affected by the skill since it has a small radius.
  • Miscellaneous effect.png Chapter 1 Desert Bloom use it as a filler heal when necessary if your group is under heavy damage pressure. Also usable due to its range to heal allies who are out of position from a safe distance. Be careful to not spam since this isn't a priority tome skill.

1770466.png 勇气圣书

Tome of Courage provides a very strong boon support and great access to stability, as well a unique passive bonus for your party. This tome will likely be prioritized over Tome of Resolve unless you are the second FB in the party.

  • Miscellaneous effect.png Epilogue Unbroken Lines grants allies several defensive boons and extra armor through toughness, enabling a better survivability for DPS classes. Try to use as the 2nd and the last tome skill or whenever committing for a push or being heavily pressured.
  • Miscellaneous effect.png Chapter 4 Stalwart Stand is your opener tome skill against condition pressure and one of strongest tools in the build. The Resistance makes it an extremely powerful ability to temporaly nulify any condition in a large area, notably helpful against negative effects like Cripple, Immobilize and Chill. Use it to negate scourges' shades and red circles in a big area, also usable when pushing or retreating to ensure that allies caught behind receive the resistance pulse. Since it is static, try to cast it on top of the zerg or, if your commander is moving, a little ahead based on his movement.
  • Miscellaneous effect.png Chapter 3 Valiant Bulwark will only be used to reflect projectiles or to stack Protection. Don't prioritize this skill. It can be placed on top of your blob, between zergs or into the enemy zerg to ensure any outgoing projectile gets reflected.
  • Miscellaneous effect.png Chapter 2 Daring Challenge is a low priority tome skill. Should only be used while on melee range, when trading sides or going through the enemy zerg and to disrupt enemies trying to manually resurrect or trying to cleave your allies. Can also be used on enemies stuck inside friendly 1770659.png 弱化之风 to prevent then from dodging out or escaping.
  • Miscellaneous effect.png Chapter 1 Unflinching Charge don't spam it mindlessly, use it to fill the stability gaps from SYG. Since it has 600-range, can be used to boon support allies behind from a safe distance.


  • Position yourself a little behind to ensure your allies are being affected by your mantra skills.
  • Given enough time Mantras will recover their charges so long as at least one charge's left, so think twice before using the final charge - that's the most powerful one, but will put the Mantra on full CD.
  • You can still use Mantras while CC'ed.
  • 1770463.png 慰藉咒语 is your healing skill. It allowd you to constantly share Aegis to your sub.
    • 1770464.png 暂时恢复 should be shared with as many allies as possible. They do not receive the initial healing, but they do gain Miscellaneous effect.png Aegis with all its related trait benefits.
    • Aegis can be shared with downed players when you're manually reviving them in case they are being cleaved down.
    • 1770465.png 再生舒缓 is the final charge and only heals you more.
  • 1770487.png 学识咒语 is your on demand AoE cleansing skill.
    • 1770488.png 开放通道 use it whenever minor/moderate condition clear is required for you or your party. Always check if your allies have conditions on then, thus you don't waste a mantra's charge for nothing.
    • 1770489.png 总结陈词 is the final charge. Only use this skill if you don't have any access to condi clear/mitigation sources (1770478.png 决心圣书 on CD for example) and are being heavily condition pressured. Be sure you are facing the right way to ensure your allies are benefited as well.
  • 1770460.png 自由咒语 is your on demand AoE stunbreak and Stability skill. Bear in mind it has a long charge time and recharge time once depleted.
    • 1770461.png 自由征兆 will often be used whenever minor Stability or a stunbreak is necessary. Recommended to use this skill (along with healing mantra) over SYG if you aren't sure if the enemy zerg is going to push, or if they are just fake pushing to burn your CDs; and when your commander is committing for small and ranged skirmishes. Can also be used as a stability filler if you don't have Tome 3 or SYG available, but is strongly discouraged. At last, will be used as a stunbreak for you and allies if you need to escape, for example, from an enemy 1770659.png 弱化之风. Stunbreaks also deny Fear if you can't cleanse it.
    • 1770462.png 运输无阻 is similar to SYG, but 5-man only, will be mainly used for the stability output for your party whenever you lack other big stability sources, or need a stunbreak instantly, don't be afraid to use if your party really needs it. If either Tome 3 or SYG are about to go back, don't use the last charge, try to fill with aegis from mantra or weapon skills. Always check your party' stability to ensure you are not over-booning.


Staff brings solid and versatile 1,200-range skills which can be used either offensively, as ground control and CC, or defensively, through Might share, healing and cleanses.

  • 2029305.png 神圣打击 provides an AoE healing burst that can be used to support caught allies, trying to reposition themselves, from a safe distance. Since it's static, try to cast it based on your ally' movement.
    • Use it, preemptively, on top of your group to mitigate incoming damage. Also, if possible and opportune, try to cast it on top of combo fields, especially on light and water fields.
    • At last, can be used as an offensive skill if the supportive aspect isn't required.
  • 103268.png 迅捷符印 is useful to upkeep Superior Rune of Superior Rune of the Monk 6th effect.
    • Constantly use it, while your group is standing (not moving), to stack Swiftness for allies. Be careful to not place it when your commander is asking to blast smoke fields, unless you want to get yelled at.
    • Can also be blasted by 2029305.png 神圣打击 for minor condition clear or used as ranged forward pressure.
  • 103636.png 能量引导 It is recommend to have "Stow Weapon" binded for using this skill properly.
    • Pay attention to "Empower" call outs. Ensuring your allies get 12 stacks of Might, prior to a fight, is essential to hit your enemy harder. Don't drop your current Tome to Empower allies, unless you have few pages left.
    • Empower grants a strong healing through its full channel and shouldn't only be used as a pre-buff skill. Use it during the fights whenever swapping to Staff or stowing a Tome.
    • Bear in mind this skill has a long channel time, meaning that you stand still for a considerable time. Always be ready to "Stow Weapon" to cancel it if needed.
  • 103658.png 守护界线 negates evades frames which means enemies without Stability will get knockdown anyway, even if they dodge. You can "Stow Weapon" if you notice the line won't be effective like in situations, for example, where an enemy group is fake pushing.


Use Axe/Shield for both defensive support from the shield and for offensive plays with 1770459.png 燃焰利刃, an AoE pull. Synergizes well with 'melee ball' playstyle.

  • 1770458.png 复仇符印 use it after pulling enemies with Blazing Edge to AoE Cripple then. Can also be used to cleave downed foes and/or to share Fury for your party. Useful to upkeep Superior Rune of Superior Rune of the Monk 6th effect.
  • 1770459.png 燃焰利刃 combos effectively with 1770535.png 沙漠之幕 and with 1770659.png 弱化之风, where you can pull enemies back inside of your group's ground pressure.
  • 103232.png 裁决盾击 will be used to upkeep Aegis and Protection, mainly when 1770466.png 勇气圣书 isn't available. Use whenever pushing to give your frontline defensive boons.
  • 103026.png 吸收护盾 use it to knockback enemies attempting to res/stomp. Futhermore, use it to support by either double tapping for a large burst AoE heal or channeling for projectile defense.