"Shake It Off!"
栏位 Utility
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1012033.png 战术

1012829.png 活力战吼 - 战吼 技能治疗盟友。基于你的威力获得治疗效果。


  • 可以在半空中使用
  • 先破除昏迷后移除症状,只对玩家自己有效。
    • This can be used to remove fear and any other condition.


更新 改动
2月 25,2020 竞技内容更新:
  • (竞技 split) Reduced the number of conditions cleansed from 6 to 4. Increased ammo recharge from 50 seconds to 75秒.
7月 10,2018
  • This skill now uses ammunition, with 5秒 between activations and a 25-second ammunition recharge time. This skill has been split between game modes and will now use a 50-second cooldown in PvP and WvW while cleansing 6 conditions. 推荐:症状 cleansed in PvE has been increased to 3
3月 27,2018
  • Increased the number of conditions cleansed from 2 to 3 in PvP and WvW.
2月 22,2017
  • The number of conditions removed by this skill has been increased from 1 to 2.
9月 30,2014
  • Removed unnecessary range indicator.
12月 10,2013
  • Updated the skill fact for conditions removed to display the actual number of conditions removed.
11月 26,2013
  • 替换d the range fact with a radius fact.
  • Added a skill fact for removed conditions.
8月28,2012 游戏发布:
  • 技能/"重整旗鼓!" 加入游戏。