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栏位 Elite
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156657.png 伤害 ×1命中次数 (伤害系数 ×1.1)
文件:2440712.png 击飞 600
415959.png 施加增益/症状 稳固(3s), 不会被击倒、击退、拉拽、击飞、昏迷、晕眩、上浮、下沉、恐惧或嘲讽。 (×2)
1770206.png 稳固与伤害脉冲 3s
156659.png 持续时间
156659.png 持续时间
156665.png 半径 240
2248876.png 无法格挡
156655.png 组合技区域
1770208.png 目标数 5
1770206.png 增益生效间隔 3s
156656.png 组合终结技 100% Whirl 100%

Description and skills

Tornado transforms the user into a tornado, giving the player the Tornado effect.

技能 Activation time Recharge time 描述
102964.png 电能飓风 1 为飓风形态充电,让你发射闪电。
103080.png 沙尘飓风 1 为飓风形态聚拢沙尘,让你释放魔尘沙暴,使敌人目盲。
102914.png 残骸飓风 1 为飓风形态聚集岩屑,形成飞沙走石。
1466361.png 元素安魂曲 5 从你的核心释放元素,向每个方向各发射一个元素。基于你当前的龙卷风形态,不同的元素有着不同的效果。
1466362.png 尘埃冲锋 10 1.25 向一个方向快速移动,击退你碰到的敌人。

Related traits

Water Magic


  • Tornado pulses roughly every 3 seconds, starting at 3 seconds after transforming, for a total of 4 pulses. Each pulse inflicts damage and knockback.
  • The skills granted while as Tornado set an effect that triggers a short moment after each regular pulse. The effect will be displayed in addition to the transform effect, corresponding to the name of the skill. The modifier will stay active until a new active effect is set or the transform ends.
  • All stacks of stability are lost when leaving the transform, regardless of boon's source.
  • Elixir X has a chance to grant this transform.