Spectral Walk
栏位 Utility
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103846.png 施加增益/症状 鬼灵影步(10s), 消耗症状来获取生命之力。 (×1)
文件:102836.png 施加增益/症状 迅捷(24s), 移动速度提高33%,持续时间可堆叠。 (×1)
156661.png 每个症状提供生命之力 4%
1770206.png 症状移除间隔 2s


  • 鬼灵影步持续10秒,之后你将无法再使用鬼灵逆行。
  • 如果不在两个效果组中,当在鬼灵影步效果下从陆地进入水中(或反之)会移除所有迅捷效果。
  • 可以与鬼灵铠甲组合使用。
  • 生命之力获得后还剩1秒冷却时间。
  • 如果死灵法师传送到一个传送点,鬼灵影步将会结束。


更新 改动
2月 25,2020 竞技内容更新:
  • Reduced the cooldown of this skill from 40 seconds to 30秒 and reduced the swiftness duration from 30秒 to 24 seconds in PvE only.
  • (竞技 split) Increased cooldown from 40 seconds to 50 seconds.
1月 14,2020
  • Unslotting this skill while it is active no longer removes swiftness.
12月 11,2018
  • The recharge time of this skill has been reduced from 50 seconds to 40 seconds. It now consumes 1 condition every 2 seconds it's active (up to 6 conditions at its full duration), converting each condition into 4% 生命之力. It no longer grants 生命之力 when the necromancer takes damage.
7月 10,2018
  • The effect icon for this skill has been changed to match up with the skill icon.
8月 08,2017 烈焰征途测试版本:
  • Removed one of the unique enhancements from visibility because it had no function.
  • Increased duration from 8 seconds to 10秒.
7月 26,2016
  • Reduced the cooldown from 60 seconds to 50 seconds.
6月 23,2015 特长更新:
  • This skill can no longer be activated while in midair.
9月 09,2014
  • This skill now ends if the necromancer teleports to a waypoint.
7月 23,2013
  • 敌火来袭 hits now grant 2% 生命之力; has a 1-second internal cooldown.
  • This spectral skill now grants 生命之力 while 鬼灵铠甲 is active.
11月 15,2012
  • This skill now sets its underwater slot appropriately on recharge.
10月 22,2012
  • Removing this skill from a skill slot while it's active will now remove all benefits gained from activating the ability.
10月 01,2012
  • This skill now stops granting 生命之力 when struck if the player activates 死亡之幕, Plague, or 巫妖形态.
9月 25,2012
  • This skill has been updated to be more active and to work properly with its recharge trait.
8月28,2012 游戏发布:
  • 技能/鬼灵影步 加入游戏。


  • The effect used to be implemented in 死亡之幕 in early development.
  • The effect used to automatically return you to where you casted it after 8 seconds, unless you prevented it with Sever Spectral Bond. It was changed on 9月 25, 2012 "to be more active."