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—— Sunqua Peak should be a peaceful place—suspended in a storm-lit sky, with beautiful stonework and flowering trees to mark the path up the mountainside. But something here is wounded, and the elemental spirits need your help to heal their home.

The Sunqua Peak Fractal is a fractal which takes place in Sunqua Vale, a Canthan location, at scales 模板:Fractal info. The area is said to be a convergence of elemental powers. With the area in turmoil, the players are tasked with climbing the peak and bringing peace to the area.[1]


  • Red Boss.png Meet Dessa and assist with her experiments.
    • Fractal Difficulty Scale: x
    • Personal Fractal Level: x
    • Quell the frenzied air elementals and traverse the floating terrain: x/2
    • Voice of the Mountain
    • Event bar.jpg Red Boss.png
    • Navigate the mountainside and calm the frightened water elementals: x/3
    • Free the trapped water elemental!
    • Event bar.jpg Red Boss.png
    • Traverse the volcanic cavern and stop the enraged fire elementals: x/3
    • Travel father up the mountain.
    • Bring stability to Sunqua Peak.
    • Event bar.jpg Red Boss.png
    • Sorrowful Spellcaster
    • Event bar.jpg Red Boss.png


  • After speaking with the Spirit of the Mountain, lightning strikes will begin that leave behind small orbs. Gather these to gain stacks of Miscellaneous effect.png Charged Leap to traverse the floating rocks. Killing the three Air Elementals allows more lightning and orbs to periodically spawn where they were. Upon reaching the top, the floating platforms will reform into a solid path no longer requiring the leap to traverse [verification requested]. Stepping into the upward wind will jump you to the boss platform.

Voice of the Mountain

  • When Voice of the Mountain hits 66% and 33% health it becomes invulnerable, starts lightning strikes, and spawns orbs. Running into the orbs allow you to jump higher and applies the Miscellaneous effect.png Charged Leap buff. To make the boss vulnerable again players need to jump into the clouds to "disrupt the energy". When the boss reaches 1% it goes invulnerable and turns into an upward wind to get to the next area.

Free the water elemental

  • Landing on the next area, three Frightened Water Elementals must be spoken to open the path to the next encounter. There is one on each of the main floating islands on the path guarded by Enraged Water Sprites and rushing water that will knock you off the platform. Wait until the flow decreases to run across. The sprites do not need to be defeated to move on but will pester you until the "boss" arena.
  • The trapped water elemental can be freed by destroying the Fallen Boulders. This area has many yellowish aoes that do damage but can be blocked. Periodically one player will be tethered to a dark orb and gain stacks of Miscellaneous effect.png Tidal Bargain. Pass in the beam to take it from another player. Freeing the elemental creates small wind platforms to bounce to the next area.

Fury of the Mountain

  • Just before the arena, three sets of enraged fire elementals need to be defeated. Each set clears some fallen rocks to open the path.
  • At 66% and 33% health, summons meteorites that do AoE damage and send out shockwaves. Jump over them to avoid getting knocked down. After hide behind a meteorite so you are covered from its channeling spell. At 66% the meteorites drop in two specific locations but for 33% two players are picked to drop where they stand after a few seconds. When the boss reaches 1% it goes invulnerable and lowers some rocks, opening the way to the next area.

Sorrowful Spellcaster

  • 1st phase you have to collect 3 orbs and jump into clouds. If players take too long, she will AoE burst the arena.
  • 2nd phase she will summon meteorites that do AoE damage and send out shockwaves. Jump over them to avoid getting knocked down. After hide behind a meteorite so you are covered from her channeling spell, which also AoE bursts the arena.
  • 3rd phase lots of AoE bars will extend throughout the arena. A large water tornado in the center drags players in and makes her invulnerable, during this phase, a dark blue orb will appear and tether to a player giving stacks of Miscellaneous effect.png Tidal Bargain, all other players should stay nearby to swap tether when stacks get too high. Swapping before the stacks run out will reset the decay timer.
  • Green circles appear and players must stack to split the damage.
  • Red circles appear and players must avoid stacking in order to prevent receiving multiples of the damage.


Challenge Mode Walkthrough

  • The Harbinger of Woe opens a portal and you go directly to the endboss as you have already learned the mechanics from the minibosses in normal mode.



Astral creature


Demons (Challenge mote only)




Upon arrival
Spirit of the Mountain: Ah, great traveler! What fortune our destinies should cross paths on such a day!
Dessa: Ummm, nice to meet you?
Spirit of the Mountain: This mountain's natural balance is deeply disturbed. Please, quill its elementals and restore peace! You must hurry!
Dessa: "Quill"? Did she mean "quell"? If you're going to lay it on thick, at least use proper vocabulary...
Dessa: Moving on: We should deal with those elementals. They risk destabilizing the fractal.
Dessa: And fast. This place feels...odd, but sort of familiar? It's unsettling.
Before fighting Voice of the Mountain
Dessa: There! Looks like a wind elemental. Must be what that weird spirit was talking about. Let's get to work.
During Fractal before defeating Voice of the Mountain
Howling Wind: Turn back!
Dessa: Did you say something?
Howling Wind: Leave here!
Howling Wind: I don't need your help!
Howling Wind: Go away!
Howling Wind: Get out!
Howling Wind: Why are you even here?
Upon defeating Voice of the Mountain
Dessa: You're doing great. I–this is strange. Why is it so– Sorry, I just feel a little off all of a sudden.
During Fractal before freeing Sorrow of the Mountain
Rushing Waves: What do you desire?
Rushing Waves: Take what you want and go.
Rushing Waves: What is it you're searching for?
Rushing Waves: Leave. I'll give you anything.
Dessa: Okay, you heard that, didn't you? My research didn't say anything about disembodied voices.
Upon freeing Sorrow of the Mountain
Dessa: Well done, but we should keep moving. I'm not in the mood to hang around here.
During Fractal before defeating Fury of the Mountain
Raging Fire: There's no point!
Raging Fire: You're wasting your time!
Raging Fire: I can't bring her back!
Raging Fire: I couldn't save her!
Dessa: "Her"? Who's "her"? And that heaviness... You feel it too, right?
Upon defeating Fury of the Mountain
Dessa: Hm.
Meeting the Spirit of the Mountain
Spirit of the Mountain: I can't just go up there with her like this. Maybe if they go first...
Spirit of the Mountain: Ahem, you've done well, oh steamed one, yet her pain overpowers her still.
Dessa: "Steamed one"? Okay, who or what is this thing, and–wait, "her pain"? Whose pain?
Spirit of the Mountain: I must request that... Okay, I don't mean to rush you, but I'm sorta on a time limit...
Dessa: So much for that enlightened spirit act.
Spirit of the Mountain: Look, can you get her to calm down a little? But don't hurt her. Please.
Dessa: Sounds like we're dealing with more than just elementals here. Let's be on our guard.
Dessa: Hmmm. "Don't hurt her." I wonder...
Spirit of the Mountain: I could tell her it's me, but that might make it worse. Didn't realize she'd be this bad...
Spirit of the Mountain: Does she really blame herself?
Before fighting with Sorrowful Spellcaster
Sorrowful Spellcaster: Why are you here? I came to this mountain to be alone.
Dessa: She must be who that "spirit" was talking about. Wait, isn't she the woman from that picture?
During fighting with Sorrowful Spellcaster
Sorrowful Spellcaster: I don't want to hurt you, but you need to leave. I can't control what happens if you don't.
Sorrowful Spellcaster: I SAID LEAVE! I warned you!
Dessa: This looks bad. Attack just enough to settle her down.
Upon wiping
Sorrowful Spellcaster: I warned you. It's pointless!
Sorrowful Spellcaster at 66%
Sorrowful Spellcaster: You don't need to be here. I can handle this on my own
Dessa: Questionable.
Sorrowful Spellcaster at 33%
Sorrowful Spellcaster: What do you want? I'll give it to you, but you can't stay. I don't want anyone else to get hurt.
Dessa: She claims she doesn't want to hurt us, but she keeps fighting.
Upon defeating Sorrowful Spellcaster
Sorrowful Spellcaster: Just take what you've earned and go. You're not safe here. No one is.
Dessa: Well, we fixed the disturbance, but... are things going to be all right?

Challenge mode dialogue

Upon beginning the second phase of the final battle
Ai, Keeper of the Peak: Why are you still here? It'll just get worse!
Fear: You deserve this.
Ai, Keeper of the Peak: No...
Fear: It was all your fault.
Ai, Keeper of the Peak: No... I didn't w-
Fear: How can you live with yourself?
Ai, Keeper of the Peak: STOP!

(screen goes black and remains dark for the duration of the fight)

Fear: You're weak.
Sorrow: Why are you so useless?
Guilt: No one can count on you.
Fear: You're worthless.
Sorrow: She's better off without you.
Guilt: You're out of control.
Fear: You were born flawed.
Doubt: All you do is hurt everyone.
Dessa: We're not just dealing with dark magic. This is something much more sinister. She needs our help.
During Battle, at 66% transition
Doubt: No one understands.
Dessa: But I think I know how it feels. It's... heavy. And it hurts.
Dessa: And even when you're not thinking about it, you still feel this... weight. 'Cause it never really goes away.
Dessa: That feeling will drown you, if you let it. But we won't let it. We won't let you drown.
During Battle, at 33% transition
Doubt: She died because of you.
Dessa: I don't know how "she" died, but I'm sure it wasn't because of you. In fact, I bet she's worried about you.
Dessa: I wish she could hear me...
Upon defeating Ai
Ai, Keeper of the Peak: I've wanted to do this for so long. GET OUT OF HERE! GO! You heard me, OUT!
Dessa: I'm glad we could be here for her. Losing someone's hard enough without blaming yourself.
After giving the letters to Ai

(press dialogue option "Hand over the sealed letter.")

(Spirit of the Mountain and the 3 mini bosses appear)

Spirit of the Mountain: H-hello, mighty spellcaster. I sense that your troubles have been irrigated...
Ai, Keeper of the Peak: What? Who are you?
Dessa: Here we go.
Spirit of the Mountain: I, the Mountain Spirit, come with a message from the other realm: Your daughter is safe and well.
Ai, Keeper of the Peak: How do you know–?
Spirit of the Mountain: In fact, we've never had such an impressive spirit.
Ai, Keeper of the Peak: Is that so?
Spirit of the Mountain: Why, yes! She's talented, smart, kind–not to mention incredibly brave...
Ai, Keeper of the Peak: You know what else my daughter is?
Ai, Keeper of the Peak: A terrible liar. Hi, Lan.
Spirit of the Mountain: Hi, Mama...

(Spirit of the Mountain transforms into Lan, a human child ghost)

Ai, Keeper of the Peak: Why were you hiding?
Lan: I... wasn't sure how to talk to you like this...
Ai, Keeper of the Peak: You were scared of me.
Lan: No... a little. I just didn't know how to get to you. But then they showed up. And they helped me. A lot.
Dessa: Heh. All in a day's work.
Ai, Keeper of the Peak: My powers can really take over when I'm upset. If I controlled them better, you wouldn't–
Lan: You did everything you could! I don't blame you. And I'm okay now. I want you to be okay.
Ai, Keeper of the Peak: I'm sorry I dragged you, and them, into this. I really did need your help. Thank you.
Dessa: Don't mention it.
Ai, Keeper of the Peak: I miss you so much. I've been really alone without you.
Lan: You were never alone, Mama.

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  • The challenge mode skips all the minibosses and goes straight to the end boss.
  • Page 2 of 28 Mikan 1637 CC is blank.


  • This fractal was announced during the Guild Wars 2 Anniversary Livestream on August 25th 2020.
  • Abyssal Fractal weapons were introduced with this fractal
  • Internally it was referenced as "the Mountain Fractal" before release.
  • The initial fractal design was intended for another fractal which would have followed Arkk's storyline.[1]
  • Sunqua Vale was previously accessible in Guild Wars Factions.
  • This fractal doesn't spoil End of Dragons, however, it offers a little bit of a taste of Cantha.

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