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—— Earned by participating in roller beetle races and time trials

Racing Medallions are a currency earned by participating in Roller Beetle Races and Roller Beetle Time Trials. Racing Medallions can be exchanged for prizes at the Race Prizes vendor for tonics, guild hall decorations and various consumables.


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Roller Beetle Racing


  • 1 Racing Medallion is mailed to the player when logging into the game after the November 26th, 2018 game update.
  • Racing medallions may be earned by completing roller beetle races ahead of other players.
  • Additional medallions are awarded to players who participate in a roller beetle racing event, even if the player fails to complete the race. These are given out after the time of a race expires.


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Evon Gnashblade

Roller Beetle Racing!

The latest trend from Elona is sweeping Tyria — roller beetle racing! Whether you're a rolling legend, a rookie racer, or a spectator ready to see the greatest thrills this side of Ascalon, you'll want to check out one of the organized races. Courses have been set in Gendarran Fields, Brisban Wildlands, Mount Maelstrom, Snowden Drifts, and Diessa Plateau. Or if you need to get a feel for riding a beetle, try the test track in Kessex Hills!

The racecourses are a permanent installation, but as a special offer in celebration of their grand opening, daily prizes will be awarded during the first month to racers who complete a rotating selection of race events!

What do you think? I'm workshopping the ad copy a bit. With all the rumors coming out of Elona, I was thinking a bit of sport might be good for morale. It'd be a big boost if a hero like you put in an appearance maybe set a few track records.

—Evon Gnashblade

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