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—— 激战2官网潜行者介绍

Thief tango icon 20px.png潜行者Thief,也常常被称为盗贼。熟稔于潜行艺术,他们充分利用出其不意的行动和阴影的庇护接近敌人。他们在一对一的战斗中极其致命,他们凭借敏捷、杂技式的战斗风格和顺手牵羊的能力来战胜他们的敌人。他们可以设置陷阱及在战场上四处游走,也对毒液情有独钟。作为探险者职业,他们身着中甲


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Thieves have the ability to steal an item from an enemy that they can use as a bundle. In terms of game mechanics, the thief does not literally steal an item, but instead creates a bundle based on the targeted creature's classification that the thief can store for later use. The stolen item will be taken from a pool of several possible items for each creature classification, including opposing players in PvP.

  • 103876.png 顺手牵羊 - 施展暗影疾步,从敌人身上找寻能为己所用的资源,并获得相应的技能。

The thief's weapon skills have no recharge time; instead they use initiative. This resource allows the thief to use attacks back-to-back and more quickly in a unique pattern. The cost of initiative is being unable to use weapon skills while waiting for their initiative to regenerate over time. Thieves also have their own special weapon skill types; Dual Wield skills, Venoms that empower the thief and nearby allies, Stealth Attacks and shadowstep skills.

Thieves are less powerful in terms of durability in comparison to some professions. They must rely on stealth, evasion, surprise attacks, and debilitating and damaging conditions to overpower their opponents. An experienced thief can take on multiple targets but preferably one at a time.


See list of thief skills.

Unique skill types

  • Dual Wield — Skills are determined by the combination of main-hand and off-hand weapons equipped.
  • Shadowstepping — Certain skills allow the thief to disappear from one location and then instantly appear at a different location by traveling through the shadows.
  • Stealth Attacks — These special skills replace the first weapon skill of the thief's skill bar while in stealth.
  • Venoms — Apply a creature's venom to your and nearby allies' weapons to inflict conditions for the next several attacks.


The thief has five core specializations, and two elite specializations:


1012026.png 武艺 — focuses on use of traps and poisoned, and exploiting enemies with low health. Enhances dagger and trap skills.
1012024.png 致命 — focuses on critical hits and critical damage. Enhances pistol, harpoon gun, and signet skills.
1012027.png 暗影 — focuses on stealth and blinding enemies. Enhances venom and deception skills.
1012023.png 特技 — focuses on dodging, mobility, and healing. Enhances sword and spear.
1012028.png 诡诈 — focuses on stealing and managing initiative. Enhances trick and steal skills.


1012025.png 独行侠 — gains access to staves, a set of physical skills, increased endurance, and additional dodge mechanics.
1769895.png 神枪手 — gains access to rifles, a set of cantrips, and replace the steal mechanic with deadeye's marks.

See list of thief traits.



作为一名冒险家,潜行者身着中甲。 medium armor.



  • 双手武器Two-handed
    • 步枪Rifle — Long ranged sniper that rewards carefully calculated shots with a powerful burst. (Deadeye specialization only)
    • 短弓Short bow — Ranged mobile weapon with AoE attacks and shadow step ability.
    • 法杖Staff — Gain access to regular area-of-effect melee damage. (Daredevil specialization only)
  • 主手武器Main-hand
    • 匕首Dagger — Jump on a foe, attack quickly and inflict many conditions on them.
    • 手枪Pistol — Ranged shots from pistol leave enemies vulnerable to following attacks.
    • 利剑Sword — Flanking sword attacks provide extra evasiveness and controls enemy movement.
  • 副手武器Off-hand
    • 匕首Dagger — Gives access to skills that allow quick escape by crippling the enemy or vanishing from sight.
    • 手枪Pistol — Ranged weapon used to quickly retreat or to daze the target by a shot to the head or from a pistol whip.
  • 水下武器Aquatic
    • 鱼叉枪Harpoon gun — Bombard enemy with ranged attacks - good for kiting with several attacks that cause movement impairment.
    • 长矛Spear — Rapid melee counterattacks spiced up with the usual thief tricks.


以下制造工艺crafting disciplines可以制造潜行者需要的物品:


在创建角色character creation时的个人传记biography中,潜行者必须在3种特征种选择他们认为作为一名潜行者最重要的特征:anonymity, determination, or subterfuge。

In my line of work, it's important to understand the power of _____.
Biography Anonymity.png Anonymity — 我的天赋是潜行、渗透和躲避。我不能引起公众注意。为了掩饰身份,我会藏在黑暗的面具之后。
Biography Determination.png Determination — 不是开玩笑。我可是练家子,瞧咱这肌肉,谁敢来惹。不管我怎么行动,我都会用头带来保持视野清晰。
Biography Subterfuge.png Subterfuge — 戴面具会引人注意,露面又会被认出身份。我喜欢一种更微妙的掩饰方法。我用一顶兜帽就能混入人群,没人知道我在其中。



  • The thief was previewed under this image until its unveiling on March 11th, 2011.
  • While being a confirmed reworking of the original assassin with no lore parallels between the two, the thief was the second profession unveiled not to be in the original Guild Wars.
  • This profession was originally leaked by an early video showing the second Guild Wars 2 demo.[1]


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