Huntsman tango icon 20px.png Huntsman is a crafting discipline that focuses on ranged weapons such as short bows, longbows, pistols, rifles, and harpoon guns, as well as torches and warhorns. These are useful to all professions except revenants, guardians, and elementalists without renegade, dragonhunter, and tempest respectively, but particularly to warriors, engineers, rangers, and thieves. Huntsmen also craft sigils and enhancements that can be used by any profession. Crafting requires the use of a crafting station.

Master huntsmen

Speak to any of these NPCs to become a huntsman and to buy crafting supplies. Swapping active disciplines costs 10 Copper coin per level already attained in the target discipline.


Rank Principal Materials Rating
Novice recipes 65936.png 新生木板
65908.png 青铜锭
0 - 74
Initiate recipes 65937.png 软芯木板
65912.png 铁锭
75 - 149
Apprentice recipes 65938.png 风干木板
65916.png 钢锭
150 - 224
Journeyman recipes 220463.png 硬质木板
65910.png 暗钢锭
225 - 299
Adept recipes 220462.png 上古木板
65913.png 秘银锭
300 - 399
Master recipes 220464.png 远古木板
220460.png 星陨锭
400 - 499
Grandmaster recipes 631485.png 灵木木板
631486.png 德里莫钢锭


Refinement is the process of transforming raw materials into a form that can be used in crafting.

Product Variants Materials
Cured Thin Leather Square.png 皮革片 7 2-3 Thin Leather Section.png Leather Section
Iron Ingot.png 金属锭 7 2-3
Iron Ore.png 矿石
Lump of Tin.png 金属块
Soft Wood Plank.png Refinement#Planks 7 3-4 Soft Wood Log.png Log
Soft Wood Dowel.png Refinement#Dowels 5 1 Soft Wood Plank.png
Iron Plated Dowel.png Refinement#Dowels 7 2
Soft Wood Plank.png
Iron Ingot.png 金属锭

Crafting components

Crafting components are combined with an inscription to craft standard weapons.

Weapon Component 1 Component 2
Green Wood Harpoon Gun.png Harpoon gun Soft Harpoon.png Harpoon (crafting) Soft Rifle Stock.png Rifle Stock
Soft Wood Longbow.png 长弓 Soft Longbow Stave.png Longbow Stave Thin String.png Bow String
Iron Pistol.png 手枪 Iron Pistol Barrel.png Pistol Barrel Soft Pistol Frame.png Pistol Frame
Iron Rifle.png 步枪 Iron Rifle Barrel.png Rifle Barrel Soft Rifle Stock.png Rifle Stock
Soft Wood Short Bow.png Short bow Soft Short-Bow Stave.png Short-Bow Stave Thin String.png Bow String
Soft Wood Torch.png 火炬 Iron Torch Head.png Torch Head Soft Torch Handle.png Torch Handle
Crude Warhorn.png 战号 Iron Horn.png Horn Iron Warhorn Mouthpiece.png Warhorn Mouthpiece


At Master rank, huntsmen can craft gifts that are used in the Mystic Forge to craft special weapons.

物品 稀有度 专业 等级 材料
蜘蛛礼赠 F特异 huntsmanHuntsman tango icon 20px.png 400
455844.png 阿斯卡隆礼赠
250× 220460.png 星陨锭
20× 65941.png 球形灵质
100× 66976.png 毁灭者磁石
古木礼赠 H传奇 huntsmanHuntsman tango icon 20px.png 400
250× 65938.png 风干木板
250× 220463.png 硬质木板
250× 220462.png 上古木板
250× 220464.png 远古木板


Inscriptions are a component used in the crafting of weapons. The specific inscription used will determine the prefix, and thus attributes, of a weapon.

The generic recipes for crafting an inscription are:

Hearty Soft Inscription.png Inscription = 1 Soft Wood Dowel.png Refinement#Dowels + 3 Scale.png 优质合成材料
Hearty Iron Plated Inscription.png Inscription = 1 Iron Plated Dowel.png Refinement#Dowels + 8 Scale.png 优质合成材料
Hearty Iron Imbued Inscription.png Inscription = 2 Iron Plated Dowel.png Refinement#Dowels + 15 Scale.png 优质合成材料


Weapons are discoverable in variations of stat, rarity, and appearance at each tier.

Rank Rating Gear Level Name
Novice 0 - 74 5 - 20 Green Wood/Bronze
Initiate 75 - 149 25 - 35 Soft Wood/Iron, Bandit
Apprentice 150 - 224 40 - 50 Seasoned Wood/Steel, Dredge
Journeyman 225 - 299 55 - 65 Hard Wood/Darksteel, Beaded, Ogre
Adept 300 - 399 70 - 80 Elder Wood/Mithril, Krait
Master 400 - 499 80 Pearl, Primordus
Grandmaster 500 80 Varies

Unique weapons

These recipes must be learned from recipe sheets purchased from Karma merchants before they can be crafted. They cannot be learned through the discovery process.

Harpoon guns




Short bows




Sigils are upgrade components for weapons.


Maintenance oils increase Concentration based on Precision and, with higher quality, also on Healing Power.

219367.png 强效大师保养油FineHuntsman400
665780.png 剧毒保养油FineHuntsman450
740204.png 保养油供应站MasterworkHuntsman425
219367.png 哈克蛙保养油MasterworkHuntsman400
888375.png 小瓶装南瓜油MasterworkHuntsman400
219367.png 激狂保养油MasterworkHuntsman450
219367.png 富饶保养油MasterworkHuntsman450
1205479.png 彩纸囊ExoticHuntsman400
1322538.png 薄荷保养油FineHuntsman400
1676607.png 尚雅保养油MasterworkHuntsman450
1676607.png 海盗保养油MasterworkHuntsman450
2063491.png 强化透明油MasterworkHuntsman400
2063492.png 强效透明油MasterworkHuntsman400
219362.png 学徒保养油FineHuntsman0
219365.png 工匠保养油FineHuntsman225
219367.png 大师保养油FineHuntsman400
219364.png 标准保养油FineHuntsman150
219363.png 能手保养油FineHuntsman75
219366.png 优质保养油FineHuntsman300

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