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A desperate plea from Ebonhawke confirms that the evolved destroyer threat is spreading. An uneasy alliance with 卓玛 and their champion, 里兰德·捕钢者, has given you an edge—for now—but until you know the ice dragon's endgame, it's impossible to calculate the price you might be paying.

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第二章:权力 is a 世界动态 release that was released on 19 January 2021. It is the second chapter of episode 5 of 冰巢传说: 首领环伺, with upcoming additional releases of content and ways to play between the chapters.[1]



Episode 5 — 首领环伺

Bonus events

Dragon Response Missions

New Masteries

New Achievements

  • 24px 首领环伺266 — Azure Dragon Slayer Weapon Collector, Champions Insight: Fields of Ruin, Champions Insight: Lake Doric, Champions Insight: Snowden Drifts, Champions Insight: Thunderhead Keep, Crimson Dragon Slayer Weapon Collector, Deldrimor Supporter, Dragon Fire Infuser, Dragon Ice Infuser, Dragon Response Adept, Emergency Dragon Responder: Fields of Ruin, Emergency Dragon Responder: Lake Doric, Emergency Dragon Responder: Snowden Drifts, Emergency Dragon Responder: Thunderhead Keep, Exalted Supporter, Jormag's World, Killer Waves, No More Sacrifices, Poultry Protector, Roaring Flames, Stretch Goals, Top Dragon Responder: Fields of Ruin, Top Dragon Responder: Lake Doric, Top Dragon Responder: Snowden Drifts, Top Dragon Responder: Thunderhead Keep
  • 24px 日常首领环伺264 — Daily Fields of Ruin Dragon Response Mission, Daily Icebrood Hunter, Daily Snowden Drifts Dragon Response Mission
  • 797625.png 统帅德里莫矮人267
  • 797625.png 统帅尊者274
  • 797625.png 动员全球奖励265 — Rallying the Deldrimor Dwarves, Deldrimor Dwarves Global Ranks, Rallying the Exalted, Exalted Global Ranks

New Currencies

New Rewards

Skins and equipment



Content Updates

Gem Store


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