Tailor tango icon 20px.png 裁缝Tailor is a crafting discipline that makes light armor, which is useful to scholars (elementalists, mesmers, and necromancers). Tailors also craft runes and bags that can be used by any profession. Crafting requires the use of a crafting station.

Master tailors

Speak to any of these NPCs to become a tailor and to buy crafting supplies. Swapping active disciplines costs 10 Copper coin per level already attained in the target discipline.


Rank Principal Materials Rating
Novice recipes 63573.png 黄麻布卷
65955.png 拉伸生皮皮革片
0 - 74
Initiate recipes 63545.png 羊毛布卷
65950.png 熟化薄皮皮革片
75 - 149
Apprentice recipes 63542.png 棉布布卷
65951.png 熟化粗糙皮革片
150 - 224
Journeyman recipes 63575.png 亚麻布卷
65953.png 熟化耐磨皮革片
225 - 299
Adept recipes 65960.png 丝绸布卷
65952.png 熟化厚实皮革片
300 - 399
Master recipes 63577.png 薄纱布卷
65954.png 熟化硬质皮革片
400 - 499
Grandmaster recipes 631489.png 绸缎布卷
631487.png 伊伦娜皮革片


Refinement is the process of transforming raw materials into a form that can be used in crafting.

Product Variants Quantity Materials
Bolt of Wool.png 布卷 7 2-3 Wool Scrap.png 碎料
Cured Thin Leather Square.png 皮革片 7 2-3 Thin Leather Section.png Leather Section
Wool Patch.png 布料补丁 7 4
Bolt of Wool.png 布卷
Cured Thin Leather Square.png 皮革片
Spool of Wool Thread.png 线轴

Crafting components

Crafting components are combined with an insignia to craft standard armor.

Armor Component 1 Component 2
Student Circlet.png Light armor Wool Headpiece Strap.png Cloth Helm Strap Wool Headpiece Padding.png Cloth Helm Padding
Student Mantle.png Light armor Wool Epaulet Panel.png Cloth Epaulet Panel Wool Epaulet Padding.png Cloth Epaulet Padding
Student Coat.png 外衣 Wool Vestments Panel.png Cloth Coat Panel Wool Vestments Lining.png Cloth Coat Lining
Student Gloves.png Light armor Wool Gloves Panel.png Cloth Gloves Panel Wool Gloves Padding.png Cloth Gloves Padding
Student Leggings.png Light armor Wool Trouser Panel.png Cloth Pants Panel Wool Trouser Lining.png Cloth Pants Lining
Student Shoes.png 靴子 Wool Footwear Upper.png Cloth Shoe Upper Wool Footwear Sole.png Cloth Shoe Sole


At Master rank, tailors can craft gifts that are used in the Mystic Forge to craft special weapons.

物品 稀有度 专业 等级 材料
历史礼赠 H传奇 tailorTailor tango icon 20px.png 400
100× 66963.png 玛瑙磁石
250× 65954.png 熟化硬质皮革片
455844.png 阿斯卡隆礼赠
250× 434537.png 晶化尘堆
鳗鱼雕像 H传奇 tailorTailor tango icon 20px.png 400
455846.png 铸匠礼赠
250× 66527.png 装甲鳞片
250× 65954.png 熟化硬质皮革片
250× 220460.png 星陨锭


Insignias are a component used in the crafting of armor. The specific insignia used will determine the prefix, and thus attributes, of armor.

The generic recipes for crafting an insignia are:

Hearty Wool Insignia.png 徽章 = 1 Bolt of Wool.png 布卷 + 3 Scale.png 优质合成材料
Hearty Embroidered Wool Insignia.png 绣边徽章 = 1 Wool Patch.png 布料补丁 + 8 Scale.png 优质合成材料
Hearty Intricate Wool Insignia.png 精致徽章 = 2 Wool Patch.png 布料补丁 + 15 Scale.png 优质合成材料


Armor is discoverable in variations of stat, rarity, and appearance at each tier. Also, Satchels of Armor containing full armor sets can be crafted for the same amount of materials as crafting them separately. Their recipe sheets can be made in the Mystic Forge by combining a crafted chest armor with Mystic Crystals, Mystic Coins, and Bottles of Elonian Wine.

Rank Rating Gear Level Name
Novice 0 - 74 5 - 20 Embroidered
Initiate 75 - 149 25 - 35 Student, Masquerade
Apprentice 150 - 224 40 - 50 Acolyte, Masquerade
Journeyman 225 - 299 55 - 65 Winged, Masquerade
Adept 300 - 399 70 - 80 Feathered, Masquerade
Master 400 - 499 80 Exalted
Grandmaster 500 80 Illustrious

Unique armor

These recipes must be learned from recipe sheets before they can be crafted. They cannot be learned through the discovery process.

434384.png 肆虐精致羊毛徽章RareLeatherworkerArmorsmithTailor125
434385.png 回春精致羊毛徽章RareLeatherworkerArmorsmithTailor125
434388.png 强力精致羊毛徽章RareLeatherworkerArmorsmithTailor125
434386.png 抛光精致羊毛徽章RareLeatherworkerArmorsmithTailor125
434389.png 活力精致羊毛徽章RareLeatherworkerArmorsmithTailor125
434387.png 猎人精致羊毛徽章RareLeatherworkerArmorsmithTailor125
434390.png 坚韧精致羊毛徽章RareLeatherworkerArmorsmithTailor125
434391.png 肆虐精致棉布徽章RareLeatherworkerArmorsmithTailor200
434392.png 回春精致棉布徽章RareLeatherworkerArmorsmithTailor200
434393.png 抛光精致棉布徽章RareLeatherworkerArmorsmithTailor200
434394.png 猎人精致棉布徽章RareLeatherworkerArmorsmithTailor200
434395.png 强力精致棉布徽章RareLeatherworkerArmorsmithTailor200
434397.png 坚韧精致棉布徽章RareLeatherworkerArmorsmithTailor200
434396.png 活力精致棉布徽章RareLeatherworkerArmorsmithTailor200
63199.png 坚韧假面护甲包RareTailor125
63199.png 坚韧生徒护甲包MasterworkTailor125
63199.png 回春生徒护甲包FineTailor100
63199.png 抛光侍僧护甲包FineTailor175
63199.png 抛光侍僧护甲包MasterworkTailor200
63199.png 抛光假面护甲包RareTailor200
63199.png 赠予者生徒护甲包FineTailor75
63199.png 赠予者侍僧护甲包MasterworkTailor200
61264.png 暗影护腿MasterworkTailor75
61263.png 暗影手套MasterworkTailor75
61261.png 暗影便鞋MasterworkTailor75
61262.png 暗影裹衣MasterworkTailor75
61265.png 暗影斗篷MasterworkTailor75
61267.png 暗影头盔MasterworkTailor75
61231.png 开凿者手套MasterworkTailor225
61244.png 虔诚便鞋MasterworkTailor50
61245.png 虔诚裹衣MasterworkTailor50
61248.png 虔诚护腿MasterworkTailor50
61246.png 虔诚手套MasterworkTailor50
619718.png 初级迷茫符文MasterworkTailor175
63199.png 猎人假面护甲包RareTailor125
63199.png 猎人假面护甲包RareTailor200
63199.png 猎人侍僧护甲包FineTailor150
63199.png 猎人生徒护甲包FineTailor75
61246.png 暗藤布质手套FineTailor0
2063473.png 神秘碎片RareLeatherworkerArmorsmithTailor75
63174.png 食人魔包BasicTailor100
63199.png 威能绣边护甲包FineTailor0
63199.png 恶意绣边护甲包FineTailor0
63199.png 威能绣边护甲包FineTailor0
63199.png 体力绣边护甲包FineTailor0
63199.png 治愈绣边护甲包FineTailor25
63199.png 精准绣边护甲包FineTailor25
63199.png 强韧绣边护甲包FineTailor25
63199.png 威能绣边护甲包MasterworkTailor50
63199.png 恶意绣边护甲包MasterworkTailor50
63199.png 精准绣边护甲包MasterworkTailor50
63199.png 治愈绣边护甲包MasterworkTailor50
63199.png 强韧绣边护甲包MasterworkTailor50
63199.png 体力绣边护甲包MasterworkTailor50
63199.png 肆虐生徒护甲包FineTailor75
63199.png 活力生徒护甲包FineTailor75
63199.png 强力生徒护甲包FineTailor100
63199.png 坚韧生徒护甲包FineTailor100
63199.png 抛光生徒护甲包FineTailor100
63199.png 肆虐假面护甲包RareTailor125
63199.png 肆虐生徒护甲包MasterworkTailor125
63199.png 回春生徒护甲包MasterworkTailor125
63199.png 回春假面护甲包RareTailor125
63199.png 抛光假面护甲包RareTailor125
63199.png 抛光生徒护甲包MasterworkTailor125
63199.png 强力生徒护甲包MasterworkTailor125
63199.png 活力生徒护甲包MasterworkTailor125
63199.png 强力假面护甲包RareTailor125
63199.png 肆虐侍僧护甲包FineTailor150
63199.png 活力假面护甲包RareTailor125
63199.png 活力侍僧护甲包FineTailor150
63199.png 肆虐侍僧护甲包MasterworkTailor200
63199.png 回春侍僧护甲包FineTailor175
63199.png 肆虐假面护甲包RareTailor200
63199.png 回春侍僧护甲包MasterworkTailor200
63199.png 回春假面护甲包RareTailor200
63199.png 坚韧侍僧护甲包FineTailor175
63199.png 强力假面护甲包RareTailor200
63199.png 活力侍僧护甲包MasterworkTailor200
63199.png 强力侍僧护甲包MasterworkTailor200
63199.png 坚韧假面护甲包RareTailor200
63199.png 坚韧侍僧护甲包MasterworkTailor200
63199.png 女武神飞翼护甲包FineTailor225
63199.png 腐朽飞翼护甲包FineTailor225


Runes are upgrade components for armor.


Bags are used to increase the capacity of a character's inventory and automatically sort items.

433594.png 20格契约团装备盒RareTailor400
1765994.png 24格统帅鞍囊RareTailor500
1765991.png 28格邮差鞍囊ExoticTailor500
1765991.png 24格邮差鞍囊RareTailor500
1765989.png 28格薄纱鞍囊ExoticTailor500
1765992.png 24格贝壳联盟鞍囊RareTailor500
1765992.png 28格贝壳联盟鞍囊ExoticTailor500
1765990.png 24格薄纱鞍囊RareTailor500
1765994.png 28格统帅鞍囊ExoticTailor500
1765994.png 32格统帅鞍囊鞍囊AscendedTailor500
1765992.png 32格贝壳联盟鞍囊AscendedTailor500
1765989.png 32格薄纱鞍囊AscendedTailor500
1765991.png 32格邮差鞍囊鞍囊AscendedTailor500
1947049.png 微型奥尔玛汗子弹带ExoticLeatherworkerArmorsmithTailor500
1947047.png 简易奥尔玛汗子弹带MasterworkTailor400
1947048.png 手织奥尔玛汗子弹带RareLeatherworkerArmorsmithTailor500
1947050.png 强化奥尔玛汗子弹带AscendedLeatherworkerArmorsmithTailor500
63174.png 食人魔包BasicTailor100
2220535.png 坚固北境露营袋RareLeatherworkerArmorsmithTailor500
2220534.png 强化北境行李箱AscendedLeatherworkerArmorsmithTailor500
2220537.png 硬质北境枪管ExoticLeatherworkerArmorsmithTailor500
2220536.png 简易北境水壶MasterworkLeatherworkerArmorsmithTailor400
63194.png 8格黄麻包BasicTailor0
63195.png 10格羊毛包BasicTailor75
219355.png 15格亚麻包BasicTailor225
63172.png 12格棉布包BasicTailor150
219374.png 8格工匠包FineTailor25
219376.png 8格隐形包FineTailor25
219380.png 10格隐形包FineTailor100
219384.png 12格隐形包FineTailor175
219378.png 10格工匠包FineTailor100
219382.png 12格工匠包FineTailor175
219389.png 15格工匠包FineTailor250
219387.png 15格隐形包FineTailor250
433575.png 18格隐形包FineTailor325
219395.png 18格丝绸包BasicTailor300
219390.png 20格薄纱包BasicTailor400
433577.png 20格工匠包FineTailor400
433579.png 20格隐形包FineTailor400
433573.png 18格工匠包FineTailor325

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