A 配方 is the list of materials required to create an item, either at a crafting station or at the Mystic Forge.


工艺 recipes must be unlocked or "learned" before they can be crafted. Recipe unlocks are character-based: learning a recipe on one character does not unlock it for other characters on your account. Recipes can require between one and four distinct ingredients, and quantities from 1 to 250 of each ingredient.

There are three ways to learn a recipe:

Most basic component and refinement recipes are learned automatically by increasing your rank in a crafting discipline.
Most other recipes are learned by combining ingredients from the discovery tab at a crafting station.
Recipe sheet 
Some special recipes can only be unlocked by consuming a recipe sheet.


Mystic Forge recipes do not have to be learned, and they always require four ingredients. The Forge acts similarly to a standard crafting station's discovery tab, and you must manually combine the four ingredients every time you use it.