Disambig icon.png 这篇文章是关于 the game's primary form of in-game currency, sometimes known as gold。对于the item used in Mystic Forge recipes,请见Mystic Coin。对于 the iconic symbol found in various maps,请见Mysterious Coin。 对于other items referred to as gold,请见Gold (disambiguation)

The primary currency of Tyria. Spent at vendors around the world.

— In-game description

Coin is the most widely accepted form of in-game currency and is tracked in three denominations: Copper coin copper, Silver coin silver, and Gold coin gold. The amount of coin you hold is indicated on the bottom right of the inventory panel. Coin can be traded between players via the Trading Post or mail.


Silver coin = 100 Copper coin
Gold coin = 100 Silver coin = 10,000 Copper coin


Coin can be obtained by:

Coin find modifiers

There are several ways to increase the amount of coin you can pick up from enemies.

Effect Source Bonus Gold Notes
Coin Bonus (thirty percent).png 30% Coin Bonus Laureate Coin Booster 30%
Celebration Bonus.png [[Celebration Bonus|Celebration Bonus]] Celebration Booster
Birthday Booster
Miscellaneous effect.png Guild Gold Banner Boost Guild Gold from Kills Banner 5% Does not stack with other guild banner effect
Miscellaneous effect.png Guild Gold Banner Boost Guild Gold and Magic Find Banner
Guild Heroes Banner
10% Does not stack with other guild banner effect
Nourishment food.png Nourishment Food consumables 40%
Power of the Mists.png Scavenger World versus World bonus Varies Temporary bonus based on world score
Gilded Infusion 20%
Gold Find.png Gold Find Essence of Gold
Achievement rewards
Varies Permanent account bonus based on total achievement points earned
Total +200% With world bonus and account modifiers, this total can be increased futher


Coin can be used for:

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