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Rytlock and Crecia have fallen out of contact, and now it seems Braham is striking out on his own to find them. This is the worst moment for your allies to isolate themselves. Touch base with Jhavi at Jora’s Keep and learn what she knows.

— Official website

Shadow in the Ice is a Living World release that launched on January 28, 2020. It is the second episode in The Icebrood Saga, expanding Bjora Marches with new activities while updating the existing ones.


The Icebrood Saga


New Achievements

Expanded Zone

New Mastery

New Materials

New Rewards

Skins and equipment

  • Boneskinner's Spine
  • Boneskinner's Rib
  • Boneskinner's Totem
  • Still Waters Fishing Rod
  • Ice Golem's Maw Box
    • Ice Golem's Helmet
    • Ice Golem's Mask
    • Ice Golem's Cowl
Raven Ceremonial armor
  • Gilded Reliquary of the Raven
    • Reliquary of the Raven Ceremonial Bracers
      • Raven Ceremonial Bracers (heavy)
      • Raven Ceremonial Bracers (medium)
      • Raven Ceremonial Bracers (light)
    • Reliquary of the Raven Ceremonial Gown
      • Raven Ceremonial Gown (heavy)
      • Raven Ceremonial Gown (medium)
      • Raven Ceremonial Gown (light)
    • Reliquary of the Raven Ceremonial Sandals
      • Raven Ceremonial Sandals (heavy)
      • Raven Ceremonial Sandals (medium)
      • Raven Ceremonial Sandals (light)
  • Reliquary of the Raven Ceremonial Hood
    • Raven Ceremonial Hood (heavy)
    • Raven Ceremonial Hood (medium)
    • Raven Ceremonial Hood (light)
  • Reliquary of the Raven Ceremonial Garb
    • Raven Ceremonial Garb (heavy)
    • Raven Ceremonial Garb (medium)
    • Raven Ceremonial Garb (light)
Illuminated Boreal weapons
    • Illuminated Boreal Axe
    • Illuminated Boreal Dagger
    • Illuminated Boreal Focus
    • Illuminated Boreal Greatsword
    • Illuminated Boreal Hammer
    • Illuminated Boreal Longbow
    • Illuminated Boreal Mace
    • Illuminated Boreal Pistol
    • Illuminated Boreal Rifle
    • Illuminated Boreal Scepter
    • Illuminated Boreal Shield
    • Illuminated Boreal Short Bow
    • Illuminated Boreal Staff
    • Illuminated Boreal Sword
    • Illuminated Boreal Torch
    • Illuminated Boreal Warhorn


  • "/Shiver" Emote Tome
  • Karmic Empowerment
  • Icebrood Saga Portal Tome
  • Asgeir's Talisman
  • Endless Cloudseeker Tonic Container


  • Recipe: Illuminated Boreal Axe
  • Recipe: Illuminated Boreal Dagger
  • Recipe: Illuminated Boreal Focus
  • Recipe: Illuminated Boreal Greatsword
  • Recipe: Illuminated Boreal Hammer
  • Recipe: Illuminated Boreal Longbow
  • Recipe: Illuminated Boreal Mace
  • Recipe: Illuminated Boreal Pistol
  • Recipe: Illuminated Boreal Rifle
  • Recipe: Illuminated Boreal Scepter
  • Recipe: Illuminated Boreal Shield
  • Recipe: Illuminated Boreal Short Bow
  • Recipe: Illuminated Boreal Staff
  • Recipe: Illuminated Boreal Sword
  • Recipe: Illuminated Boreal Torch
  • Recipe: Illuminated Boreal Warhorn


  • Mini Cloudseeker
  • Mini Corrupted Eagle Spirit
  • Mini Corrupted Ox Spirit
  • Mini Corrupted Wolverine Spirit
  • Mini Whisper of Jormag

Content Updates

World boss


New Guild Hall decorations

  • Corrupted Eagle Shrine Token
  • Corrupted Ox Shrine Token
  • Corrupted Wolverine Shrine Token

Gem Store

  • Sacred Pegasus Griffon Skin
  • New Black Lion Chest items:
    • Fine Black Lion Dye Canister—Green
    • Whale Spirit Glider



Voice acting

Actor Role
April Stewart PC Human Female
Brandon Bales PC Sylvari Male / Additional Voices
Bumper Robinson Additional Voices
Cherise Boothe Crecia Stoneglow / Eagle Spirit
Claudia Christian PC Norn Female
Colleen O'Shaughnessey PC Asura Female
Courtenay Taylor Almorra Soulkeeper / Additional Voices
Debra Wilson Jormag / Additional Voices
Graham McTavish Bangar Ruinbringer / Additional Voices
Ike Amadi Ryland Steelcatcher / Wolf Spirit / Additional Voices
Jennifer Hale PC Sylvari Female / Additional Voices
Jocelyn Blue Ox Spirit / Additional Voices
Kimberly Brooks Jhavi Jorasdottir
Lex Lang PC Charr Male
Mara Junot PC Charr Female
Matthew Mercer PC Norn Male / Additional Voices
Misty Lee Additional Voices
Nika Futterman Aurene / Additional Voices
Nolan North PC Human Male / Additional Voices
Sam Riegel Braham Eirsson
Steve Blum Rytlock Brimstone / Additional Voices
Steve Staley PC Asura Male
Sumalee Montano Marjory Delaqua / Additional Voices
Tommie Earl Jenkins Cloudseeker / Wolverine Spirit / Additional Voices

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